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POWER MODS -- proper order to do them (Read 2656 times)
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POWER MODS -- proper order to do them
12/04/10 at 23:38:16
here's how it'll probably go (cosmetic mods not included)

1 - Remove brass idle mix plug and tune to help backfiring/decel popping.
2 - Lancer jet kit/white spacer - tune the bike in stock form like it SHOULD be , not like the factory has it.
3 - Replace stock cannon muffler with something reasonable (Ie better flowing and better sounding) and repeat steps 1 and 2.
4 - Replace stock Air filter with somethign more free flowing to match the new muffler. Repeat steps 1 and 2
5 - Replace carb with Mikuni VM available most cost effectively from Lancer. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
6 - The real mods begin. At this point depending on what you HAVE to do to fix up your engine already you can go with a - overbore/wiseco piston, b - cam stage 1 or 2 available from Lancer, c - Both. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
7 - Minimal head porting with a dremel. Probably wont require a whole lot of jetting change if you keep the stock header but you ought to do it anyway. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
8 - At this point you've probably spent more tinkering than you have invested in the initial bike purchase. In for a penny, in for a pound. Replacing stock header with something more open. Gunna have to be a 1 off or $400 Raask system from sweden. Repeat steps 1 and 2
9 - By now you're pushing about 45-50Hp (vs stock 26-30HP) at the wheel and running 0-60 in about 4-5 seconds...maybe a bit less. You're already in for a pound. You're already making every puffed up midlife-crisis Harley rider in your area get real pissed when you smoke 'em. You've got few tried and reliable options at this point. If you went with a stage 1 cam in step 6 you can trade up for a stage 2. If you went with a 95mm wiseco piston you can trade up to a 97mm. You COULD, if your resourceful, patient, and maybe cash laden procure a slightly longer connecting rod which would even further up the compression ratio from your already hi-comp wiseco piston. If you're even more cash laden and/or resourceful you might do an honest to god stroke job. You could have a profession porting job done.
By this point you will have also replaced the stock clutch plates and springs with a barnett or OldFellers 6 plate method and are seriously cursing suzuki's stock cam chain set-up. You already know what you're doing now for the most part. We'll probably end up asking you questions as Lancer is the only member here who's gotten to #9.

To give you an idea of what all of this entails as far as time and money. I've had my bike for 2 years and have pretty much tinkered consistently as long as cash allows. I'm at #7 looking at #8.
Bike - 1500
Lancer Jet kit for stock carb - 20
Harley muffler - 25
Cam (stage 1, add another $200 if you eventually go for stage 2)- 200
Carb - 250 (assuming the included jets work. I actually bought a lot more to play with at $3 a peice as the included mains didnt go up quite high enough and I wanted ample space to play with. I payed for more than I needed but...)
Wiseco - 200
Overbore - 50
KN air filter 50

This is ONLY "performance" mods that I've done and doesnt include necessary valve work to my individual engine ($100), A verslavy modified chain tension (you NEED one. Get this before you do anything else. About $100), replacement cam chain/guides ($200), Chain conversion (not necessary but put me back about $150 all say and done), a wheel swap for GS cast wheels (not necessary but put me back about $150 all said and done), progressive 412 shocks (not necessary but put me back about $150), Barnett clutch ($150), and several hundred dollars in odds and ends such as oil, plugs (to read while carb tuning), gaskets, and tires. All general labor was done by myself. If you're planning to have nay of this done at a shop, dont bother wasting the money.

My individual case scenario, Im probably in about $4k. But there isnt any bike that can beat me light to light, no average crotch rockets that can beat me 0-60, and almost no stock v-twin that can beat me 1/4 mile (no stock harley whatsoever).
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