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Air Filter -- what can a newbie do to stock unit? (Read 437 times)
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Air Filter -- what can a newbie do to stock unit?
06/05/09 at 05:31:51
What to do with a stock air cleaner when it gets dirty the first time?

(a compilation of list knowledge on air filters as of 6/2009)

You can brush out a stock Suzuki air filter with a soft nylon bristle paintbrush to get off any loose dust the soft ended bristles can reach.   You can blow it out with a high pressure air hose carefully directing the air opposite to the normal air flow pattern in the air box.   You want to blow the dust bits BACK OUT of the paper fiber intersections, not further into the filter thus ruining it completely.

You can't really wash the paper filter out with soap and water as they are of a stiff paper construction and the paper fibers swell up considerably when wetted thus causing the element to become too restrictive when it dries back out.


If you find yourself looking at a oil soaked ruined stock paper filter, don't dispair.  Jedi science found a way to replace the stock paper filter element with a washable polyester fiber element using a system similar to (but a whole lot cheaper at $4 total cost) than a $50 K&N drop in place oiled element filter.   NO REJETTING IS REQUIRED, retuning of the brass air screw is needed though.


There are other ideas on the list for air-flow performance enhancement that involve the filter side of the equation.   So if your filter is shot and you don't want to spring for another stock filter you can look at some of these ideas.  NOTE THAT WITH SOME CONE CONVERSIONS RE-JETTING IS SOMETIMES REQUIRED.   Tuning of the brass air screw is required as well.;action=display;n...


Folks have also been cutting up and gluing automotive air filters to get to the filter paper and putting it into the stock metal frame.  This sometimes seems like a lot of work, but they like the results and that is what counts.   These will have to be changed at the same rate as an automotive air filter would need to be changed.   Brass air screw tuning may be needed, but rejetting would likely not be required.


If you are after pure performance you need to read through the following discussion threads to review the ideas put forth by Diamond Jim.  He has evolved the idea of the pure performance air filter system through several designs which attacked laminar air flow characteristics and intake turbulence in order to cram as much air as possible into a heavily modified intake track.   I suspect rejetting would be required for some of these configurations as Jim's ideas move you far away from stockish intake restriction/flows into the realms of very low restriction and high laminar flow speeds.  You will likely need to rejet your stock CV Suzuki carb to take advantage of these high flow systems.   Brass air screw tuning is likely required as well.
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