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Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals (Read 908 times)
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Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals
01/16/06 at 21:17:01
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[glow=red,2,300]Warning [/glow]this is a "no going back" modification because you cut apart your stock signals for the mounting studs.

I wanted to get rid of the long stems of the rear signals...not to mention the plastic units themselves held no appeal to me.  So I purchased these signals on ebay  I like the small bullet look:

Here is the stock signal off the bike:

You can pull the stock signal apart:

It turns out the after-market signal has 9/16-18 threads and that can be tapped perfectly into the stock stem - you only need to tap down through the silver stud:

Then, cut the small silver mounting stud from the rest of the stem:

and screw it onto the aftermarket signal with some threadlocker:

This new assembly then mounts to the bike the same way the stock signals do (stock on right, aftermarket on left):

I changed out the lenses to amber, used my stock signal lamps and like the look sooooo much better!
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Re: Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals
Reply #1 - 01/27/11 at 22:41:58
What to do with busted signals...

Pull the plastic off and cut the rubber off...

The new style stem has a steel stem that needs to be cut off and ground flush.

Cutting the old style is easier...

After doing the old style, I discovered that I wish I had left the rubber base on and just ground it to a round diameter to fill in between the signal and the rail.  Maybe I'll slip on a rubber hose.

Prep'd and ready to thread...

My signals have 3/8-16 unc thread, tap them not all the way thru so the wires won't be cut by the threads.

Ready to thread them in and mount on the rails.
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Re: Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals
Reply #2 - 01/29/11 at 14:31:24
Your photo links are broken, SeeAPierce.
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