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Title: Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals
Post by SeeAPierce on 01/16/06 at 21:17:01

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Warningthis is a "no going back" modification because you cut apart your stock signals for the mounting studs.

I wanted to get rid of the long stems of the rear signals...not to mention the plastic units themselves held no appeal to me.  So I purchased these signals on ebay  I like the small bullet look:

Here is the stock signal off the bike:

You can pull the stock signal apart:

It turns out the after-market signal has 9/16-18 threads and that can be tapped perfectly into the stock stem - you only need to tap down through the silver stud:

Then, cut the small silver mounting stud from the rest of the stem:

and screw it onto the aftermarket signal with some threadlocker:

This new assembly then mounts to the bike the same way the stock signals do (stock on right, aftermarket on left):

I changed out the lenses to amber, used my stock signal lamps and like the look sooooo much better!

Title: Re: Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals
Post by verslagen1 on 01/27/11 at 22:41:58

What to do with busted signals...

Pull the plastic off and cut the rubber off... cut.jpg
The new style stem has a steel stem that needs to be cut off and ground flush.

Cutting the old style is easier... the old style.jpg
After doing the old style, I discovered that I wish I had left the rubber base on and just ground it to a round diameter to fill in between the signal and the rail.  Maybe I'll slip on a rubber hose.

Prep'd and ready to thread... & old ready to thread.jpg
My signals have 3/8-16 unc thread, tap them not all the way thru so the wires won't be cut by the threads.

Ready to thread them in and mount on the rails. to thread them in.jpg

Title: Re: Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals
Post by MotoBuddha on 01/29/11 at 14:31:24

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