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$1,000.00 (Read 13 times)
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10/27/23 at 10:32:26
Illegals cost the US Taxpayer, 118,000,000,000.00 to 180,000,000,000.00
 (That's 118 BILLION to 180 BILLION, depending on the entity stating it.)

That's 995.00 to 1,160.00 PER Taxpayer per year.
(That is a current TAXPAYER, not a 'Former Taxpayer')

Not to mention the HUGE flow of Criminals getting in.

How's that, 'War On Drugs', doing ?

(Bot, How many cans of Beer is $1,000.00 a year ?)

OH Forgot;
BANNING types of Guns,
and amount of Ammunition for Guns.
Will FIX the, Illegals problem also !

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Ben Franklin once said: "If you give up a freedom, for the sake of security, you will have neither".
Which is More TRUE, today, than yesterday.('06, S-40, Stock) well, mostly .
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