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Our New Savage T-Shirts (Read 33 times)
the mysterious johnh
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Our New Savage T-Shirts
05/25/23 at 11:21:24
Rev up your engines and hold on tight, because we've got some new merch for our two-wheeled tribe! We've gone all out and designed three killer t-shirts that pay homage to our undying love for savage motorcycles. These designs are pure fire, capturing the raw power and untamed spirit that defines our ride-or-die community.

Now, let me tell you something, brother. We didn't settle for anything less than the best when it came to bringing these designs to life. We teamed up with the badass crew at Printify, 'cause they know a thing or two about printing gear for true riders like us. They're the real deal, offering top-notch quality and a hassle-free ordering experience that lets us focus on what matters most: tearing up the asphalt!

When you slip on one of our epic t-shirts, you're not just wearing a piece of fabric, my friend. You're putting on a symbol of our shared passion, a symbol that says, "I live for the open road and the sweet melody of a single cylinder engine." Each shirt is crafted with care, using only the finest materials to ensure comfort and durability on every wild adventure you embark upon.

So, fellow road warriors, it's time to suit up and show off your true colors. Head on over to our website, where you'll find a range of sizes and styles to suit your badass biker persona. Get ready to ignite the envy of every rider you pass on the highway, because these t-shirts are a roaring statement that can't be ignored.

Remember, brothers and sisters, the road is our canvas, and our bikes are our paintbrushes. Let's unite under the banner of single cylinder power and set the world on fire with our style. Trust in Printify to deliver the goods while you focus on living life full throttle. It's time to unleash your inner rebel and rock our exclusive t-shirt collection like a true biker boss! Ride hard, live free, and wear your passion with pride!

PS: Ready to rev up your style? Don't miss out! Click the button labeled "Merch" (close to the Logout btn) to take a look at our incredible new savage t-shirt collection. Get yours before they're gone!
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Re: Our New Savage T-Shirts
Reply #1 - 05/25/23 at 11:57:57
I had to actually logout to see the default home screen as my version of the home page doesn't have the "merch" tab

But the "donate" tab does lead you to the same place home page with the "merch" tab.
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Re: Our New Savage T-Shirts
Reply #2 - 05/25/23 at 16:15:26
Any chance for XL-T sizes?
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