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DYNA Muffler adapter (Read 1401 times)
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DYNA Muffler adapter
11/18/12 at 16:22:36
The Harley Davidson Dyna muffler is a great replacement muffler and it almost a bolt on - except for the angle of our exhaust header is off just a bit.  Serowboat has a thread about which muffler to use and how to modify the muffler to work with very little tools.

I wanted to try someting a bit different, as my muffler still leaked a bit and the end would rub on the brake cable.

Since I have tools that I can measure with - and other tools I can build with.....I made this adapter.

In order for the stock mounting mount on the Dyna muffer to work, this adapter needs to be as short as possible.  A section of 1.75" OD pipe was used, this is what slides into the Dyna, and the muffler end should be 2" to the angle point.  The deflection angle of the pipe is 6 degrees, and the header of the pipe was made by expanding the pipe to an inside diameter of 1.68" ID.  The expanded end should be 1-3/4 inches to where the pipe begins the taper, and about 2" long to the point where the pipe is back to the 1-3/4" ID.

I ordered stainless 1-3/4" pipe from Burns Stainless and had them expand the pipe to 1.68" ID on both ends (so I could make 2 adapters from each pipe).  I then put the pipe in my bandsaw and cut the pipe at a 3 degree angle.

After cutting at the 3 degree angle I rotated the end of the pipe to make a total deflection of 6 degrees, then welded the pipe with stainless wire and then ground the welds down.

This is how the adapter fits between the header and muffler.

This is how it looks on my bike.  I didn't have a muffler clamp today, so I just used a couple of hose clamps temporarily and it works fine.  I will get a proper clamp eventually.

This photo is taken from the floor looking up at the muffler mount, and it shows that a longer adapter would make the mount too far back, and you would need to make an extension to the rail/mount.  (Pay no attention to the reflection in the chrome of a man laying on the floor with his camera in hand.)

In Serowbots thread there is a fellow that had a similar adapter made by a muffler shop.  It is longer than the adapter I made, and I am not sure it would allow the DYNA muffler to use the stock mount.
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