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Decomp Controller failure causes bike to crank (Read 254 times)
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Decomp Controller failure causes bike to crank
08/15/12 at 21:05:27

If you have any conversations on this please take it to the thread where I had the issue and found out the ultimate problem.

O.K.  This started with me having as Routy called it "The spooky Suki".  For no reason at all the Bike just one day wanted to start spinning the starter for no reason.  Did all The usual knocking on rear fender, chasing wires to look for shorts and never could find anything that seemed to be the issue.  A few here suggested it may be a flaky decomp controller and that is indeed what the issue turned out to be.

To find out if your issue is the decomp controller one way to tell is to rap on the controller itself when it's doing its weird stuff.  If it stops then one of the relays in there is getting tripped or going bad.  The only way to tell if the issue is it being tripped by something or if it's going bad is to take it apart.

Now for the tear down  The only pics I have are of mine already taken apart but they will help with knowing how.

First run a razor or exacto around the edges where you see the sealing glue on the plug side of the controller.

Next on the narrow ends is where the catches are that snap it together.  I did not know this so I ended up breaking the circuit board taking mine apart as shown in this pic.

You can see the catches in this pic

once you pry the catches loose you should be able to just pull on the plug and it slide right out.  Be careful here if your intentions are to repair this controller as the circuit board is in grooves in the outer box part of the controller.

As you can see on mine something went way bad and I've got alot of brown sludge and corrosion in there causing mine to short and engage the relays.

Hope this helps.

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