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1  General Category / The Cafe / Possible Project ?
 on: Today at 00:53:08 
Started by zipidachimp | Post by zipidachimp
Scanning local Craigs, a lot of old streetbikes are turning up for $500-$600. Tossing out the old lumps leaves a nice rolling chassis with 'street' geometry, tubeless tires, nice tank shape, etc for cheap money. †Dropping in my S40 engine might stop me from complaining about Suz not building
a Single Tempter 650 !
Winter project????
Cheers! †Cool

2  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Suzuki ST400 Tempter
 on: Today at 00:18:36 
Started by weger | Post by zipidachimp
cheers!  Cool

3  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: Odds and ends
 on: Yesterday at 20:03:20 
Started by verslagen1 | Post by Dan Stafford
Good evening all, sitting in the parking lot of my hotel in Chattanooga. Dreaming about purchasing motorcycle parts namely tires LOL. I have Dunlops on right now but the bike and sat for too long in the hole there but theyíre dry rotted. Any word on continentals? I know in the vehicle world theyíre kind of Walmarty if you know what I mean. However Iím clueless when it comes to motorcycle tiresÖ

4  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: No crank, Iím stumped
 on: Yesterday at 19:45:07 
Started by tedelsberg | Post by Dave
Yeah, that clutch safety has fooled a lot of folks new to the Savage. Wink

5  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: Verslagen's place (Camchain adjusters + more)
 on: Yesterday at 19:38:39 
Started by verslagen1 | Post by verslagen1
sent a reply wiggy several hours ago... check your spam box.

6  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: Verslagen's place (Camchain adjusters + more)
 on: Yesterday at 19:25:01 
Started by verslagen1 | Post by wiguzziman
New member here.  I just recently purchased a 1996 LS650 Savage with 15,000 miles on it.  I am interested in getting a new cam chain tensioner that I have modified/upgraded.  I would also like to get one of your head plugs and a couple of spare "O" rings for the head plug.  I tried sending you an e-mail but not sure if it got through or went to the right place as I haven't heard anything back.  Thanks for your time and response.

forum user name: wiguzziman
1996 LS650 Savage -- 15,000 miles
would like my tensioner modified/upgraded
want 1 head plug and 1 each of the "O" rings for the head plug
Chippewa Falls, Wi. 54729-5540

Thanks wiguzziman

7  General Category / The Cafe / Re: AMD & others --- post AMD dominance in 202
 on: Yesterday at 18:48:15 
Started by Oldfeller--FSO | Post by Oldfeller--FSO

More announcements from Intel, with Intel speaking out of their arse "for TSMC" about Intel's plans to do this and that "to beat TSMC" using chipsets built at TSMC.

Issue is that Intel's plans take an additional two years to get into 2nm production compared to TSMC's plans that were announced today.

Furthermore, the Taiwanese government itself today gave approval to TSMC to expedite both their 3nm and their 2nm facilities, actually moving them forward by one full year.

Intel has just likely ended their chance to get their Intel products run at TSMC by acting a fool about the whole thing. † †Or worse yet, TSMC may hold Intel to their announcement and delay giving any Intel 3nm or 2nm production for one full year's worth of delay.

Intel, you are either a customer or a competitor Fab ----- soon TSMC will stop letting you play the fool and embarrass them by announcing TSMC things that do not belong to you as you have just done.

8  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: No crank, Iím stumped
 on: Yesterday at 17:24:08 
Started by tedelsberg | Post by verslagen1
Hi stumpy!

Does power reach the start button?  check the orange/wht wire for 12v
Does power reach the clutch safety? pull the connector and check for 12v while pushing the start button.  One of the wires is from the starter button, the other goes to the decomp controller.
Does power reach the starter relay?  one of the wires is from the decomp controller and the other is ground.

9  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / No crank, Iím stumped
 on: Yesterday at 16:26:47 
Started by tedelsberg | Post by tedelsberg
ok everybody, first off thank you for welcoming me to the forums. Iíve owned my 87 savage for about a week now. So far Iíve unwrapped the wiring harness and corrected several shorts, or potential shorts, and have neatly rewrapped it all. Iíve bypassed the side stand switch (cut and connect the two wires for constant ground), relay(remove and connect the two orange leads), and diode(blue to blue). Since completing this Iíve now finally got some power to the decomp solenoid and the decomp unit is functional.
My problem begins here: from my understanding, all interlock safety conditions must be met for any power to make it to/leave the start button.
I have a no crank condition.  the starter solenoid is new. From tracing the wiring diagram, I believe the problem lies between the decomp sol and what is labeled the ďstarter solenoid controllerĒ though I have no idea what or where this is, any insight?
Iíve wired a few Hondaís, had better luck there, but Iím not giving up on this Suzuki. Thanks all

10  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Suzuki ST400 Tempter
 on: Yesterday at 15:22:28 
Started by weger | Post by weger
Yes it has.
Thinking of replacing for a on/ off one.
07/29/21 at 03:02:32

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