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Fixing a busted off turn signal (rubber broke) (Read 107 times)
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Fixing a busted off turn signal (rubber broke)
09/26/15 at 11:13:10

This is a NO dis-assembly, do it right on the bike type fix.

First, epoxy the broken rubber part back together again with 5 minute epoxy on the broken faces just to hold it in place, correctly oriented and angled and all.  

You may need to patiently hold it together for 5 minutes until the epoxy sets good but you do need the jagged edges re-mated at the correct angle for the turn signal to look good later on.   Five minutes of patience is all this takes, so give it the five to get it right as you can.

Then take an old pair of black polyester pants and cut some longish 1" wide strips from it.   Polyester will never rot, like other cloth types will, and black is generally commonly available in some scrap-able pants hanging in your closet.    

The resulting strips will stretch and conform to tapers and curves and it will do very well when wrapped in layers with the edge joint going back and forth from one side to the next.   The polyester strip will even change wind directions pretty gracefully, more so if you strip is thinner.

Take a tube of clear silicone tub seal or some other strong clear silicone stuff (buy a tube for your caulking gun -- much cheaper over time if you can remember to put the cap back on it religiously) and apply the clear stuff to both sides of the polyester strip forcing it into the fabric weave for at least six-eight inches.  

Wind it tightly around the broken section (so that excess silicone forces through the cloth) adding more silicone to the bare cloth as you go along so it oozes through the cloth weave and makes a good bond to the next wrap layer.    

Take care on the first wrap layer not to over stress the relatively weak epoxy end butt joint and break it -- but some wrap force is going to be needed.

You need at least 3-4 wrap layers for sufficient strength to make it "handling and road vibration" proof after the slicone cures good.

Quit when you have enough, leaving the outside layer mostly fabric showing and not all slicked up with silicone.   Appearance is better that way.

Cheap and immortal turn signal bust off fix.    You know its there, but most folks eyes just glide right on past it as it blends in so well.

I have done this with epoxy, but the epoxy makes the joint too stiff and the next blow always causes another breakage.   The silicone actually moves and bends some, like the rubber underneath it used to do.

If you look at my bike, both sides have needed this trick over the years, and one side has been patched twice.

This is the sort of trick you can do out on a Mountain trip if needed -- it will definitely get you back home OK.

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