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Mac Muffler Install (almost same as dyna muffler) (Read 196 times)
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Mac Muffler Install (almost same as dyna muffler)
03/01/14 at 16:20:22
So I got a MAC Performance muffler because I wanted something louder then the dyna. The install on a dyna is almost exact, the real difference is that you use a tin can instead of the OEM gasket.

When ordering your Mac I recommend you also order

muffler/header connector
P/N 14771-46E00

Header and Cylinder seal
P/N 14181-45C00

If your going to be D.I.Y. then you should be able to take the old muffler off easily, All you need to do is loosen the 2 header bolts, separate the muffler from the header pipe and remove the muffler from the hold down bracket.


Put the gasket between the header and cylinder and lightly snug up bolts.(we still want flex in the header for now)

With a hacksaw cut 3 more slits into the MAC muffler (this will allow better clamping between the muffler and header)
Put the Header/Muffler gasket into the muffler

Put the clamp on and put the 2 mounting bolts thru the rail, slip the muffler onto the header and put the bolts thru the holes on the bike frame

Next step will be tightening everything up.
I tightened the 2 head bolts first, then the 2 bolts to the mounting bracket, and lastly the muffler/header clamp

Go ahead and start the bike, I already replaced my jets with a 52.5 Pilot and a 152.5 Main. Check for leaks (I like to use a lighter by the connections and pay attention to the flame to see if there's leaks)
Lastly Tune the carburetor gas/air mix screw.

Enjoy the new exhaust, the MAC is loud but sounds good.

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