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Gear/ RPM/ Speed Chart for 5spd Savage... (Read 1101 times)
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Gear/ RPM/ Speed Chart for 5spd Savage...
07/01/12 at 10:16:04
Note: Please post questions in the Rubberside or PM me...

This will show your Rpm at any speed in each gear...
Normal riding shift points should be around the 3000 to 4000 RPM range...
Fastest acceleration probably more like the 5200 to 5800 Rpm range...

If your set-up is not here,... you can play with the settings at Gearing,.. just select Suzuki Savage and go from there...     Cool

1. Stock rear tire... 140/80 -15 (these are actual speeds,.. not indicated on Speedo)( your indicated speed on the speedo is optimistic and will look more like Chart 2.,.. the one for the 140/90 -15 tire)...
(KpH conversion at bottom of page)....

2. 140/90-15 rear tire... (this tire is a close match to speedo, so actual speeds will closely match Speedo)...

3.140/90-15 tire with 25 tooth front pulley

4.  RYCA uses is a 130/70H-18... (actual speed,.. don't know the error on a Ryca speedo)...

Stock speed chart in KpH...
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Re: Gear/ RPM/ Speed Chart for 5spd Savage...
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