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Find TDC... the easy way... (Read 1259 times)
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Find TDC... the easy way...
07/05/10 at 09:36:07
Note: Please post questions in the Rubberside or PM me...

Problem,... trying to figure out if you are on the compression stroke when you line up the timing mark... (TDC mark will line up on both the compression and exhaust stroke... to adjust valves you must be on the compression stroke...)
How do you know which one you are on?..

Solution,... With the valve covers removed, and the timing nut accessed,...
Crank the engine counter-clockwise using a 17mm socket in the timing hole with your left hand, while resting the fingers of your right hand on the intake rockers...
When you feel the intake rockers go down,...  you are on the intake downstroke, the next one coming as the intake rockers come back up and the timing mark lines up, will be the compression stroke...
So now, look into the timing hole and watch for the mark to line up ( you continue turning CCW to reach the mark, the intake rockers will will come up to their highest point, this closes the valve)...
Bingo!... you are lined up, and on the correct cycle for your valve check... Wink...
(At the top of the compression stroke, with the timing mark lined up, both the intake and exhaust valves are fully closed and ready for gap adjustment to .004")...
Once you have TDC...
See here for info on how to measure gap and adjust...

image borrowed from Digger...

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