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Straightening bent mirror stems (Read 148 times)
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Straightening bent mirror stems
12/14/07 at 14:21:46
Ok, so we aren't really going to straighten them, we are just going to put the bend angle back to closer to what it was originally.

You will need a large vise and two blocks of wood about 6-8 inches long and about as wide as your big vise's jaws.

Unscrew the warped bent-too-far mirror.  You can't fix it on the bike without damaging something (like the soft aluminum threads in the bracket assembly or the adjustment retention tension in the mirror joint).  You will have to unscrew and remove it.

Stick the overbent portion of the bend angle into the vise with a wood block on either side of the bend portion.   The bend angle will make a shallow "U" between the pieces of wood as you get as big a bite on it as you can get.  

Tighten the vise to flatten out the "U" to what you think is about right for the angle.  Notice how the wood deforms and engraves but does not damage the steel parts of the mirror threads & nut.  It does not scratch the chrome.

Now, if you would just not drop the thing again you won't need to keep those special, pre-engraved "mirror adjustment blocks" for future use.

--- right ---  like that's gonna happen any time soon.



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