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Install saddlebag brackets w/o removing tire (Read 471 times)
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Install saddlebag brackets w/o removing tire
04/27/05 at 06:23:05
In case anyone in the future wants to know how to install the brackets (without taking off the wheel completely) ...My dad and I got the brackets on. We didnt have to remove the tire, but what worked well (especially for the left side near the belt drive) was to lift the frame upSadwe attached a strap around the rear wheel well and then looped the strap to a ceiling beam in our shed. We could then pull the strap downward, which lifted the rear of the bike off the ground.) After securing the rope, then we removed the shocks from both sides, which then dropped the tire down, away from the wheel well.  This gave us plenty of room to get underneath the wheel well to access the bolts. And the existing bolts were sufficient to attach the brackets- no need to go and buy longer ones! Once the brackets were on and tight, we lowered the frame back down and replaced the shocks. Quite simple.Only downside is that the saddlebags I bought are too big Sad so i have to sell them somewhere, maybe e-bay. (theyre real nice, leather, about 17 inches across the top- email me if you or someone you know has a bigger bike and who needs saddlebags- id sell them for $70)
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Richard Amirault

Re: Installing Saddlebag Brackets
Reply #1 - 08/01/05 at 11:56:38
I was able to mount my brackets on the bike without lifting the bike or removing the rear wheel.

BUT, the 2 of the bolts that came with the bracket were just too long for my bike (2004)   Here I am, tightening them down and all of a sudden I realize that the bolt has popped right thru the acorn nut!!

Oh well, might as well do the same to the other side.

NOTE: none of the other bolts were too short.

Richard in Boston, MA, USA
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Re: Installing Saddlebag Brackets
Reply #2 - 08/02/05 at 02:51:37
LIttle hands and some patience is all that is needed to get them brackets on I believe!!!
1 loosen (DO NOT remove the two bolts on both sides by the seat) with the acorn nuts on them
2 remove the middle bolt under the fender on both sides. (this is a short bolt but will take some time because you can only turn the wrench little by little w/ the tire on)

**Have beer now cuz hands/wrists are dirty & in pain**

3 remove the bolt closest to the turn signal underneath the rear fender just behind the top part of the tire where it ends on both sides. (feel around you'll find it) These are much easier to get out beause the tire is not as much in the way when turning the wrench!

Now you're ready to put them brackets on!!
It's simple really, put the bracket up inside the fender and reinstall the rear bolt first (line the bolt up with the outside part where it screws into=look down on it to line it up so you dont strip or crossthread it!) DO NOT fully tighten it down yet!

Put the middle bolt in the same way as the rear one!!
(this will take some more time because of the limited space to move the wrench again.)

Line everything up straight (the bracket) and tighten all the bolts up including the two by the seat with the acorn nuts on the outside of them
Now you have one side done!!!

Use the exact same steps for the other side and you should be done in about an hour tops!!
I used a tool set that had sockets and wrenches (METWRENCH) which made the procedure go very smoothly.

If you bought the brackets and bags from GaThumper, (Tommy) I marked the brackets on the backside (tire side) which side was left and which side was right and front and back on each one to make the install a snap!!
Take you're time and everything should go OK!! Shocked
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