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On posting Methods and Procedures (Read 104 times)
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On posting Methods and Procedures
03/20/05 at 08:57:49
I am a technician -- a communications technician.  I am a bit clueless when it comes to cars and motorcycles.

I worked the desk at the T-Carrier Restoration Control Center -- our job was to talk people thru patching off T-CXR system with minumum down time.  I had a cartoon of a knuckle dragging CO tech poking the loop of a folded over patch cord at a jack with the caption "OH!  You didn't say the END of the patch cord."  My patter when talking a tech thru a patch went something like "get a patch cord.  Plug one end of that patch cord into the monitor jack of <repeater location>.  plug the other end of that selfsame patch cord into the in jack of <bridging repeater location.>"   I had books with the equipment locations in every office.  No step of the procedure was left in doubt.

About that same time I had a '67 Trimuph Spitfire.   Needed to replace the clutch, mentioned such to the janitor.  The janitor was a mechanic and told me how to do the job.  So I did.  Slide seats back, remove transmission cover, drop driveshaft, unbolt transmission and slide back.  Replace clutch. Replace transmission.  Would not slide on.  Spent several hours on and off the next week trying to slide that tranny into onto the engine.  No go and it is tiring lifting a transmission with one hand.  Finally I had a brilliant idea of applying a little grease to the splines of the input shaft.  Practically slipped itself onto the engine.  Went to work and told the janitor what I had done.  His comment, "Any FOOL knows to grease the shaft."  

Wrong.  This fool didn't.

What I am trying to say is that no matter how simple and obvious a step is to you -- include it in the method of procedure.   A lot of us have never touched a tool to a motorcycle before and we need all those little obvious steps spelled out.   Even the Clymer manuals assume you know things -- my wife want to kill whoever wrote how to remove the gas tanks of a GMC pickup.
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