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Oil System (Read 528 times)
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Oil System
06/25/06 at 07:37:19
Two pics of the oil system diagram from the shop manual showing the IN & OUT ports that would be used to mount an oil cooler to the Savage engine.

Pick your favorite oil cooler, have some lines made that fit the cooler and the ports in the case ... even include an external oil filter if you like ... and you are good to go.


(a historical note from Oldfeller added after the fact)

If you block off part or all of the oil passage hole in the side cover gasket you can force anywhere from 50% to 100% of your oil flow to go around through the installed cooler.  

Running sump temps under 212 degrees can lead to some combustion blow by moisture remaining in the sump as temps over 212 will continuously boil it out through the head vent back through the air box and then out the exhaust.   You want to stay over 212 degrees in the sump area.

Dino oils might gain some "extra life" value from an oil cooler.   Please note that oil that goes the cam bearings gets heated up to head temperatures going through the jug and head passages.  Synthetic oils could really care less about any of this heat stuff as they are good to over 500 degrees and our bikes NEVER get that hot anywhere.

Normal sump temps are less than 350 degrees on even a bad day.   250 in the sump is more commonly seen.   Our bikes can use dino oil just fine with regular changes at 2,000-4,000 miles (semi-yearly).
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Re: Oil System
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