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1  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Help......
 on: Today at 08:06:37 
Started by burrpenick | Post by burrpenick
I check out the 06 Boulevard Sunday, and have read ALL the replies. There is just too much that I'd want to alter to buy THIS bike. I like its simplicity, sort of low weight, and low cost, but in the end, that cruiser seating/riding position killed it for me- funny, I know that is what SOLD the bike to the masses!

2  General Category / The Cafe / Re: LENR (ongoing)
 on: Today at 07:18:28 
Started by Oldfeller | Post by Oldfeller
As we barrel down on the E-Cat presentation any new information is becoming very sparse, but this nugget released by Matts is very very real sounding.

Rossi is OK'ing some new Info from Matts Lewan, his biographer and publicist of many years now.  The information released is "background info that is needed to be understood to understand the demo in a full fashion" and seems to be just that, critical info that if not pre-distributed would result in a demo clogged up with way too too many background questions instead of paying attention to the main points being shown.

At the online presentation (more info at Rossi plans to show a two-hour video of a device already in operation, reportedly heating an industrial premises of about 250 square meters in the US to 25°C since Nov 19, 2018. At the presentation, he will provide details regarding the commercial launch, but here is what I have been told and what I have concluded so far:

The actual device, containing one reactor, has a maximum thermal power output of 35 kW. It measures 93x40x47 cm, and it consumes a small amount of electricity for the control system.
The customer pays for the output thermal energy minus the input electric energy which is fed from an outlet in the customer’s premises, with the electric measurement controlled by the customer.

The core temperature inside the reactor reportedly reaches a temperature about 10,000°C, heating a coolant through an in-built heat exchanger. The standard version of the E-Cat can heat water or steam up to 500-600°C. Using a different heat exchanger and other coolants, significantly higher temperatures can be reached, essentially limited only by the material properties of the heat exchanger.

The heating device is called the E-Cat SK, named after late Swedish physicist Sven Kullander, and could be considered the fourth generation of the E-Cat technology which is based on LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, easiest described as radiation-free nuclear power; It has the extremely high energy density of nuclear reactions compared to chemical reactions, but emits almost no radiation, uses no radioactive fuel, produces no radioactive waste, and uses only minute amounts of abundant elements such as hydrogen, nickel, lithium and aluminium.

LENR is a physical phenomenon which has been confirmed in scientific experiments and reported in over a hundred peer-reviewed papers over the last decades, albeit with low repeatability. However, a widely accepted theory explaining the physics behind LENR is still lacking.

Industrialisation of the E-Cat SK has been going on for about a year, since the demo of its predecessor, the QX, in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2017. It contains no unusual components and could easily be manufactured by subcontractors at any time now, at a pace of thousands of units a day.

The two main aspects of the E-Cat technology that are kept secret by the inventor are the fuel preparation and the electronic control system.
The E-Cat SK is monitored remotely. It is sealed and essential parts will auto-destruct if the seal is broken.

In earlier generations of the E-Cat technology, the energy producing reaction was started essentially by heating the reactor slowly, while in the the third and fourth generation—the E-Cat QX and the SK—the reaction is started and stopped instantaneously by a control system using electric and electromagnetic means.

The reaction emits very low levels of electromagnetic radiation—the same kind as e.g. light, radio waves, and microwaves. The wavelength is essentially between 300 and 330 nanometers, slightly shorter than UV-light from the sun. No other kind of radiation from the E-Cat has ever been detected.

Inside the device casing but outside the reactor, at a distance of 1 cm from the reactor wall, the radiation level is reportedly between 0.06 and 0.16 µSv/h—slightly above background level which is 0.05-0.07 µSv/h—in a day adding up to approximately one arm X-ray. Outside the device, however, the radiation level from the process is zero, due to shielding.

[Comment:] The reported radiation value in µSv (micro Sievert) might be irrelevant since Sievert is a unit describing health effects from doses of so called ionising radiation, i.e. radiation with energy levels high enough to detach electrons from atoms or molecules. The lowest energy level required for radiation to be ionising is 10 eV per photon which corresponds to a wavelength of about 120 nanometers. With wavelengths of 300 to 330 nanometers, the radiation from the E-Cat reaction is carried by photons with an energy of about 4 eV, thus clearly non-ionising. As a comparison, photon energies in medical X-rays are more than 10,000 times higher, ranging from about 50,000 to 100,000 eV.

Fulvio Fabiani gets his due credit

By the way, I would like to share my impression that the groundbreaking control system of the E-Cat QX and the SK, is the result of a kind of dreamteam consisting of the genius Andrea Rossi, with elusive and creative ideas about physics and about what he thinks could be possible, and of electric engineer and computer scientist Fulvio Fabiani, not only being an expert on electronics but also being capable of interpreting Rossi’s wild and hard-to-grasp ideas, transforming them into real electronic circuits actually performing the job Rossi had in mind.

Folks, scam artists don't worry about "giving the correct credit that is due" while DOCUMENTING all the gut details of a scam .......   these folks are writing for the history books and in fact Matts Lewan is in fact writing the definitive historical source document as we speak.

This bit was new (new to me anyway).    The core temperature inside the reactor reportedly reaches a temperature about 10,000°C, heating a coolant through a built-in heat exchanger. The standard version of the E-Cat can heat water or steam up to 500-600°C. Using a different heat exchanger and other coolants, significantly higher temperatures can be reached, essentially limited only by the material properties of the heat exchanger.

Some sort of fission reactor cooling tech is being used here as "10,000 degrees C down to 600 degrees C inside a built in heat exchanger" is the key secret that has eluded Randal Mills and his Brilliant Power crew so far.

It also explains why Rossi builds such TINY plug-in type reactor cells.  Rossi KNOWS the service life of his little reactors and they plug in and out like batteries do simply because they are done after a little over a year of use.   Why?  Transformation reactors change the very structural materials they are built from as well as the fuel they "burn".  

Mills took the track of "clear as glass and strong as hell" using constantly refreshed fuel but he then simply melted his reactor down (a dozen times at least) because quartz glass may transmit 99% of the light readily, but it stops some of it and it just gets hotter and hotter and hotter accordingly.   None of Mills reactors have lasted anywhere near a year yet, not by a long shot.

The E-Cat reactor inside a heat exchanger inside a heat exchanger also inherently provides the needed SHIELDING, not so much from the upper level EUV radiation but from the "strange radiation" which is getting the additional shielding layers put in place until it is all fully understood and mapped out.    

Countertop microwaves and dentists X-ray machines are examples of  "potentially dangerous" equipment that can be UL certified after they are fully understood and properly shielded.

Rossi is fixated on not harming anybody with his reactor, ever.   He gets reminded of this every time he speaks or looks in a mirror.

3  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: Freaking awesome $20 per Tire/Tyre deal
 on: Today at 06:06:27 
Started by Radical Maximus | Post by Big Al
I got the same kind of tire for the front and the back - two sets for 80ish bucks? Hell yea!!

4  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Next Project?....Ninja 250 Cafe.
 on: Today at 05:41:09 
Started by Dave | Post by Dave
It has been a while since I updated this thread.

I finally got the engine to run well again.  I bought a good set of used carbs from a last generation of the EX250, and they have different slide needles than the early models.....not sure if that is what helped cure the problem.  I bumped up the main set a couple sizes and shimmed the needles 2 washers when I mounted them - and the bike runs well again.  I don't know what was wrong with the other carbs - maybe they are just getting old and are very sensitive to the slide diaphragm getting old and stiff.  The running problem seems to be related to a very lean condition that occurs at a steady cruising speed - when a gust of wind comes along and slows the bike feels like the slide doesn't react and the engine goes into a lean surge condition.  Whatever the issue...the replacement carbs fixed the problem.

I rode the little Ninja down to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle event in Birmingham Alabama.  The first day I rode down to Lynchburg, TN and spent the night with MMRanch, the next day I rode down to Auburn, AL and spent the night with Stewmills, the following day we rode to Birmingham and spent the day at Barber's, then on Saturday night and Sunday I finished the ride was a bit over 1,400 miles!

The stock seat is not adequate for long rides, and I had a 1" thick foam pad taped to the butt still got horribly tired by the 4th day of riding.

This is what the stock seat from Blue Collar Bobber looks like.  It is rounded and has padding in the middle, but very little on the edges where my buns contact the seat.

The Blue Collar Bobber seat pan is a thick piece of steel and is pretty heavy - so I decided to build my own seat pan.  I put 2 sided carpet tape on the frame, fuel tank and rear fender/body - then put cardboard on the tape in the shape I wanted the seat bottom to be.  I then put packing tape over the cardboard to work as a bond breaker and allow the seat pan to be pulled off the cardboard once the resin had cured.  I put 2 layers of fiberglass cloth down first:

Then to get better stiffness I cut strips of PVC molding and heated them in my oven at 215 degrees - then bent them into shape while they were still warm.  The PVC cools and gets stiff very quickly, you have to bend them very fast and work them into shape with 4-5 heating cycles.  I then epoxied the PVC strips into place.

I soldered a stainless nut onto a large washer for the seat mounting bolt, and I epoxied the nut and washer to the seat pan.  I then put pieces of the corrugated plastic yard signs that I had cut to fill in the space between the PVC reinforcement, and then placed a couple of layers of fiberglass "mat" over the PVC.  I learned that the matt did not want to make the sharp bends over the PVC, and it would have been better to use the mat on the flat bottom, and the fiberglass cloth over the PVC reinforcements.....and the PVC pieces should have been rounded to allow the fiberglass cloth to make the bends easier.

Here is a piece of black plastic pulled over the seat to show the shape I am working for - the seat will be flat from side to side and provide more padding on the edges.

I will take the finished seat pan up to Ronny Price upholstery and have them add the padding and sew a new cover.

5  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Savage Events for 2019
 on: Today at 04:10:14 
Started by verslagen1 | Post by youzguyz
MMRanch wrote on 01/11/19 at 21:13:14:
I just found out the Graduation I need to attend is on the 18th of April.  The details are beyond my vision at the time but I believe I'll have to be in a car the 18th. as in no truck w/bike in the back.

Roll Eyes


If you plan on combining the graduation with the ride:

04/18 is a Thursday.  
Ya'll usually travel to Kerrville on Saturday and Sunday (04/13-14) and leave the next Saturday.  (04/20).  Cabin would be reserved for nights of 04/14 to 04/19.

2 1/2 hour drive from Kerrville to San Angelo.  You can leave the truck/bike at the cabin and rent a car.  (Why not just leave the bike at the cabin and take the truck?)

6  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: JETSETS
 on: Today at 03:57:34 
Started by LANCER | Post by Yoshi
Paypal sent for a set

7  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Jawa
 on: Today at 03:48:10 
Started by jcstokes | Post by Dave
MMRanch wrote on Yesterday at 20:03:56:
I might be in love !  Cool   3,000 RPM is a good place for max torque !  Wink
If I didn't already have the V-7 model , (I paid more for my 2016 V-7) !

If you want to haul that old V-7 bike up here and trade it got a place to stay so you can hide out and keep the purchase a secret.

You are going to need more HP this summer if you want to keep up......I am flirting with a used bike purchase, 470 pounds wet, belt drive and 90 HP! Grin

8  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Cable Routing Questions
 on: Today at 03:40:23 
Started by Martin K | Post by playhard67
I literally just made this flat panel last weekend.  I'll be putting all cables and electronics on top of the flat panel, then plan to build a second panel as a cover.

9  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: JETSETS
 on: Yesterday at 22:56:29 
Started by LANCER | Post by LANCER
Big Al wrote on Yesterday at 12:21:54:
Payment just sent out for the JETSET and screw set! Thank you! -AL-

It’s on the way.
My pleasure

10  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Help......
 on: Yesterday at 20:44:48 
Started by burrpenick | Post by MMRanch

I put some  Harley Floorboards on that slide to the rear about 5 inches from the original pegs .    The front of the board can be about where the original pegs used to be.    

If ya put tall shocks on the rear then the geometry of the whole bike changes and it feels like a standard.    Your also  up off the ground and the seat don't seem low anymore.  An added benefit is your ground clearance grows !

The Pegs to Floorboards requires some welding and imagination !  Roll Eyes

I've got a Suzuki GS500 2007 model w/<17,000 miles for $1000.oo  
I rescued it last fall and been "Fixing stuff" and ridding it a little.   I thought it might lend itself to a "belt" drive conversion but it got new chain (o-ring) and sprockets instead.  
Only fly in it is the cold weather starting has a problem , but once it hits a few licks ... its just fine .   It sat for a year and a half and I think the carbs need to spend some time on the work-bench.  Huh

it looks a lot like this one , but no trunk and silver color  ,  I had an idea about putting a trunk on it and keeping it ... but 3 bikes over-fills my parking area !  Embarrassed

What I'm saying is : "There are a lot of Sport-Bikes out there too"

01/16/19 at 08:38:53

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