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1  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Front Wheel Removal query
 on: Today at 19:14:24 
Started by eau de sauvage | Post by eau de sauvage
I was wondering if it's necessary to remove the front callipers as per the Clymer Manual. At the moment I have the axle bolt unscrewed and the calliper still attached. Not sure of the best way to remove the axle, whether to put a something in the left side axle and punch the bolt out or if I should remove the calliper before attempting that.


2  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: 87 Savage--won't shut off
 on: Today at 19:02:21 
Started by drums1 | Post by batman
Are either of you running larger jets than stock ? what are your carb/air filter setups? what are your elevations?

3  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: What could cause a blown fuse?
 on: Today at 18:38:25 
Started by cl492 | Post by batman
If your sure it's steam (doesn't smell like something is burning) maybe you shouldn't have turned it off ,the water was evaporating and being carried away by the air passing over the motor ,UNTIL you stopped.It could be the leads for the battery tender (they should have a tight fitting cap on the end when not in use)  ,but any positive wire touching the frame or motor could blow a fuse.(is the wiring stock ? or have you made changes?)

4  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: Performance Carburetor Kit
 on: Today at 17:19:45 
Started by LANCER | Post by DeeN
Hi Lance, I'm a new member. I would like to purchase your performance carb kit.
36 mm VM carb
Throttle cable ( to fit your model year)
Rubber flange
Uni air filter (new)
Carb manual
Mikuni carb tool kit (new)
Spark plug
UFO installed.
I've sent you email.
Thank you.

5  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / What could cause a blown fuse?
 on: Today at 17:12:36 
Started by cl492 | Post by cl492
When riding one morning, I noticed steam coming out of the engine so I turned it off - then was immediately unable to turn it back on again. Lights wouldn't come on either.

We checked the battery (load tested fine) and rectifier (tested consistent) and finally figured out it was a blown 20 amp fuse. After replacing it, the lights work and the bike turns on.

But now I'm worried about what actually cause the fuse to blow and that it might happen again.

I left it out in the rain the night before and figured the steaming engine was just water burning off. Maybe the water got in elsewhere, like the battery tender connector, and shorted it?

Anyone have any insight?

6  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: seat pad and emblem to cover the screws
 on: Today at 16:31:47 
Started by Dad0220 | Post by Dad0220

7  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Rex's muffler
 on: Today at 16:11:03 
Started by MMRanch | Post by LANCER
Nope, the muffler on REX is a R&D test muffler made by Cone Engineering that I picked up 10 years ago, or perhaps a bit more.

8  General Category / The Cafe / Re: HJC modular failures
 on: Today at 15:37:52 
Started by justin_o_guy2 | Post by faffi
Every flip-up helmet sacrifice some safety for convenience. I'm good with just having a visor to open.

9  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: belt squeak and rear pulley play
 on: Today at 14:46:55 
Started by roosky | Post by Dave
I have not heard of  anyone wearing out their rubber floor mat shims.  This modification  has only been around for 4 years or so.

10  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Valve Spring Installed Height.
 on: Today at 12:33:53 
Started by DragBikeMike | Post by verslagen1
33.49 from the top of the retainer to the top of the little cup it sits in.
1.38 from the top of the little cup to the spring seat.
1.77 from the top of the retainer to the valve seat.
the retainer has another seat for the inner spring. 3.78 from the top
a mile.
07/15/18 at 19:47:55

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