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1  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Replacing foam filter with K&N or similar
 on: Yesterday at 18:57:38 
Started by DaveFromCanada | Post by ThumperPaul
Cool.  Yeah, finding the narrower band clamps is tough.  You have to pay up and special order.  But ya gotta do it.  You can do better than zip ties.  Cheers.

2  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Replacing foam filter with K&N or similar
 on: Yesterday at 14:57:36 
Started by DaveFromCanada | Post by zipidachimp
I'll take a pic tomorrow. The wide end slipped over the carb, narrow end over the KN, both ends secured with zip ties, as clamps are too wide. Bike gets insured at end of month, for 6 month policy.
Looks weird, hope it works!
Cheers!  Cool

3  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Replacing foam filter with K&N or similar
 on: Yesterday at 14:13:45 
Started by DaveFromCanada | Post by ThumperPaul
zipidachimp wrote on 04/22/24 at 23:53:54:
+1 for RC1250 !
Just for fun, this year I'm trying the snorkel between the carb and the KN. Larger air capacity. Will report later!
Cheers!  Cool

You may have to get creative using the stock snorkel tube.  It’s wider at the end that attaches to the stock air box.  Its ID is 2.5” compared to the carb flange area which is 2.25”.  Maybe you can shove the filter into the opening of the snorkel and put the clamp on the outside of the snorkel.  If you set it up, share a pic!  I like the idea to get the full surface area of the filter in some wider open space to breath.

4  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Replacing foam filter with K&N or similar
 on: Yesterday at 14:07:14 
Started by DaveFromCanada | Post by ThumperPaul
The K&N RC-1250 is a good fit at the flange.  Good to know it clears the battery box.  I’m just not sold on pricey K&N products.  They claim 75,000 miles or 5 years between cleanings (really??)….based of 15,000/year on highway driving.

I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but K&N filters were/are made by Hiflofiltro.  I do use Hiflo products.  Seem the same as K&N for half the price.

5  General Category / The Marketplace / Minn  S-40
 on: Yesterday at 12:34:24 
Started by MnSpring | Post by MnSpring
Anybody from Minn looking for a S-40 ?

45 Minn from West Minneapolis.

6  General Category / The Cafe / Re: 2024 Rides
 on: Yesterday at 10:17:33 
Started by Dave | Post by springman
Glad to see all got home safe and sound and everyone had fun.

Neal, thanks again for all you do for us grumpy old men. We really do appreciate you very much.

Paul, it was great meeting you and riding together. Sure hope you will join us again in the future.

Dave, glad you and Deb are having a grand time. I think I am envious. Cool

Guys, as always, I love seeing and riding with ya'll. I'm so glad that we could all make it. Thanks to all for the good times.

7  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Spark Plug Evaluation
 on: Yesterday at 08:57:00 
Started by ThumperPaul | Post by ThumperPaul
Who puts an Autolite spark plug in a Japanese bike?  (nevermind  Shocked)

Anyway...  She's running a little rich wouldn't you say?  I don't know how long the plug has been in the bike, but a definite sign the bike was running a bit rich.  And/or perhaps some oil fouling.  It seems to be mostly carbon to me.  And the plug wasn't exactly tight (about 1/4-1/3 turn shy of tight).

Upon carb disassembly, I found a 145 main jet and 47.5 pilot jet in the carb.  So, it's not the smallish jets.  I found the needle setup very rich and not assembled correctly.  That will have to be addressed.

8  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Aftermarket Stator Connection
 on: Yesterday at 08:37:54 
Started by ThumperPaul | Post by ThumperPaul
Thanks Savard 05.  I think I'm going to like it once I get it running!

9  General Category / Technical Documents/Reference / Re: Carburetor Specifications
 on: Yesterday at 06:31:22 
Started by Savage_Greg | Post by ThumperPaul
This good old post needs a bump.

I bought a cheap rebuild kit on E.Bay.  I knew many of the parts wouldn’t be ideal or correct, but I mostly just needed the float bowl gasket and to study the other parts.  

After some messaging with the seller, here’s a list of specs for the components.  My notes/questions included.

1 Float Bowl Gasket (actually good quality)

1 Viton Tip Needle & Seat #2.8 (This is the float valve - is 2.8 big enough, there’s no mention of this in posts/thread above.  I know the Mikuni VM36 uses a 3.4.  I don’t know if these numbers are flow rates or mm sized.)

1 Main Jet #130 (Way too small.  Advised seller to talk to his supplier to include a 145 with extra 147.5 and 150. The extra larger jets would be a nice marketing plus for the kit.)

1 Main Jet #70 (I believe this is misnamed and should say ‘pilot air jet’.  It’s the same physical size as the Pilot Air Jet that should be 67.5.  What would be the affect of 70 vs 67.5?)

1 Pilot Jet #47.5 (Advised seller this should be 52.5 for more current models and only older models used 47.5 - suggested including a 47.5, 50, and 52.5 in the kit for better marketability.)

1 Needle Jet (seems to match stock, good quality)

1 Needle #Y379S (Has 3 grooves, but what about the taper?  This will be interesting and fun to dial in. What the heck is a “Y379S”?.)

1 Needle Clip (The inside diameter is too large to fit securely in the needle groove.  I had to pinch and manipulate it with needle nose pliers to crimp it snug and tight in the groove.)

1 Fuel Mixture Screw (seems good quality and the tip was protected with a plastic cover)

1 Fuel Mixture Screw Spring (seems fine)
1 O-Ring (seems fine)
1 Washer (seems fine)

I have an authentic Mikuni 150 Main and 52.5 Pilot jet coming from JetsRUs.

10  General Category / The Cafe / Re: 2024 Rides
 on: Yesterday at 06:16:16 
Started by Dave | Post by Dave
Youzguyz:  Glad you are feeling better.  Hopefully this is a one time event and it will all just be a bad memory in a little while.

MM:  The RV is nice in a lot of ways - it was a necessary change for us as Deb's health problems will not allow us to travel any other way.   Since you already own a truck - you may be just as well off to find a small toy hauler or get an enclosed trailer that you can sleep in once the motorcycle is taken out.  Owning an RV or dedicated camper is not any cheaper than driving and staying in hotels - but it does provide more flexibility in where you can go.

COMSTOCK:  Yesterday we drove to the Seminole Canyon area about 180 miles west of Kerrville.  The large Amistad Reservoir we passed had very little water in it, and the lady at the check in counter told us the area have been in drought conditions for the last 5 years.  The ranch land here is far different than what we saw in the Kerrville area - the grasses are sparce and the land is very rocky.  I have no idea how the animals survive in this desert.  We went for a hike yesterday and all the vegetation here wants to scratch or poke holes in you....everything has spikes or thorns!  There is an old rail bed from the Southern Pacific railroad going through the campground that was the second transcontinental railroad and it was built in 1883.  The wind here was intense yesterday and it made riding the motorcycle difficult - however we rode out and watched the sunset from an overlook at the high bridge over the Pecos was nice experience.

Today we will visit Comstock and the Judge Roy Bean museum in Langtry. , and the museum here at the campground in Seminole Canyon,   
04/24/24 at 02:38:01

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