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1  General Category / The Cafe / Saturday afternoon WELL SPENT
 on: Today at 07:43:22 
Started by madmikesmech | Post by madmikesmech
Got up early to sunshine and birds chirping... gonna be a great day. Tackled some chores around the outside of the house. Mulch in the wifes flower beds, painted the trim around the windows and doors.
Gassed up the Savage and in the wind I went!
I live in a rural area, I'm lucky, lots of back roads with nice scenery, and places to just ride and unwind, eat or drink.
100 miles, 5 hrs. Of "therapy" for me!!!

Then after about 20 minutes I rode by a bar and grill, I stopped to get lunch
Bacon cheeseburger and onion rings

Just taking in the ride and scenary

Saw this street sign, and HAD to get a pic!

2  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Online Sources for OEM Parts
 on: Today at 06:37:46 
Started by Bender | Post by philthymike
Bender wrote on Yesterday at 20:25:25:
@philthymike, same thing happened to me with the rain. Just fixed my clutch this morning, and now rain for the next 3 days! And we had no rain all of April

Murhpy's law I guess. The lake that is my driveway has finally dried out enough that I can work on my bike there again and be close to tools and electricity instead of in the garage down the alleyway. I'm taking advantage of the convenience while it lasts!

3  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: 12 y/o LS650 ridden in winter
 on: Today at 06:15:54 
Started by philthymike | Post by philthymike
justin_o_guy2 wrote on Yesterday at 19:21:52:
Acetone and A.T.F., mixed 50/50 for penetrating oil.
Hit the bolts you're gonna mess with every day for a few days.
An impact will break them out more safely than a wrench.
If you don't have a 1/4" rechargeable, or a compressor and an impact, you can get a handheld that you slap with a hammer.
If you get one of those, test it on a hard surface, no hammer.if it doesn't feel smooth, disassemble and smooth up the ramps.

Last night I was looking at torque limiting impact wrenches at Home Depot. Are they worth the extra money?
Also got a set of extraction bits. I managed to wreck the head of the rear seat screw  Sad
Iím gonna hit all the bolts with penetrating oil and go for a long high RPM ride and let vibration work for me  Cool

4  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: New Member, Used Ryca
 on: Today at 05:56:31 
Started by LiftdT4R | Post by LiftdT4R
Hey guys, got my gas tank back from GTL and everything back together. Let me say I am impressed with the bike! It's a real hoot to ride! My carb issues are 99% solved and the bike is just a blast! Here's a pic of my tank, GTL isnt cheap bu the results were awesome! Hard to get a good pic of the lining.

Here's a pic of my completed bike. I still am messing around with the wire routing because I'd like to leave off the side panels so I still have some work there.

Also, I still have a carb issue. I just read another post by a member who's having the same thing. I went through the whole pilot screw setup. I found the best spot at exactly 2.5 turns out but I had to set my idle to 1,400 RPM to keep it from dying. Even still when I pull in the clutch or rev the motor up high and let off the throttle it sometimes dies or the RPMs fall way way down to where it sounds like it will die.

I'm thinking 2 things. I should go up from the 52.5 pilot to a 55 or maybe reverse the white spacer mod. I'm currently running 2 washer and was thinking maybe I'm rich in the mid range. I'm also running a 152.5 main up from a 147. The bike runs awesome other than this small issue.

5  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Cafe Build
 on: Today at 04:50:45 
Started by ZSteele | Post by Ruttly
If I have to weld something thicker than normal  I'll preheat the metal pieces then my 110 volt welder doesn't struggle

6  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Online Sources for OEM Parts
 on: Today at 04:48:12 
Started by Bender | Post by VortecCPI
Best I have found yet:

7  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Tomatoes --- plant varieties
 on: Today at 04:38:24 
Started by Oldfeller | Post by rl153
Good idea!

8  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Lawn Mower Blades
 on: Today at 04:34:38 
Started by rl153 | Post by rl153

9  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Stock Carb Slide Mod
 on: Today at 04:23:40 
Started by DragBikeMike | Post by VortecCPI
I did some quick calculations on this...

Stock air bleed area = 0.0145 sq-in (2 x .096")

Your air bleed area = 0.0226 sq-in (2 x .096" + 1 x 0.1015")

Therefore total air bleed hole area was increased 56% over stock.

Another alternative would be to drill the two stock bleed holes to a #31 yielding total bleed area of 0.0226" or 56% increase in area.

A 56% increase is quite a bit so I can see why the change would have been very noticeable and why we must be very careful.

If we use a 3/32" for the new bleed hole area will be 0.0214 giving a 48% increase in bleed hole area.

If we use a #41 for the new bleed hole area will be 0.0217 giving a 50% increase in bleed hole area.

Planning on doing this later today and will start with an additional 3/32" bleed hole...

10  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Cafe Build
 on: Today at 04:22:11 
Started by ZSteele | Post by ohiomoto
Great fiberglass work.  The bike is looking good.  

When I built my bike, I did the tank, seat and rear fender and then set my pegs where they needed to be.  I also rode my bike with lower forks and stock pegs for a summer with very little peg grinding.  That said, you can't leave forwards on a cafe... that's just wrong!

Welds are getting better.  First one is still a little cold, but it's a harder weld to do as it needs a lot of fill.  The rest look better. Keep practicing.  Smiley
05/19/19 at 07:57:40

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