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1  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: 94mm Wiseco Pistons
 on: Today at 17:58:52 
Started by LANCER | Post by uigiroux
I've been trying to find this 94mm piston online, for the DR650 90-95 years, but can only find the ones 95-97mm which require boring.  Is there some reason these are not available without having to special order them, and likely in more then just one piston at a time?  Any plans to make another order? Dying to do this upgrade...  Also, it seems they are now around $100ish as opposed to $200.  Did they just go down in cost, or does having to order them in 94mm increase the cost?

2  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: RYCA take off's
 on: Today at 17:23:11 
Started by verslagen1 | Post by UglyBrute
How much for a set of rear turn signals? Preferably 2009, but if anythings fits...

3  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Hello from southern AZ (USA)
 on: Today at 17:20:52 
Started by DesertCat | Post by DesertCat
OK, I still haven't purchased an LS650 so I will bid you all adieu until I do. I don't feel right hanging here without an LS650.  

This is a great site and I hope to return . . . with a Savage.

4  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Rear Pulley Wobble Fix
 on: Today at 16:52:08 
Started by DragBikeMike | Post by Armen
5 spacers cut down and ready to go. See the marketplace section.

5  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: Rear rack for LS650?
 on: Today at 16:47:31 
Started by DesertCat | Post by DesertCat
batman wrote on Today at 12:11:39:
I f you keep your bike serviced ,and you only ride 50 miles , you don't need to carry tools. ( OK , maybe a multi tool on your belt,a cell phone, and a credit card).


First, off, whether I'm 20 miles from home or 200 miles from home doesn't matter that much -- I'm still stranded.

Second, 20 lbs of tools isn't much of a load -- it's less than 1 cubic foot (12 in x 8 in x 8 in roll)

BTW, I carry a tire plugger kit and CO2 gun (w/cartridges) to fix a flat.  Somehow I don't think that regular servicing will prevent flats.  Of course, if I get an LS650 with its tubed tires then that won't help me much.  But I do carry tire tools, a carryover from my youth on motorcycles when it was possible to repair a flat tire roadside . . . .

6  General Category / The Marketplace / Re:  94mm WISECO PISTONS ARE     H E R E  !
 on: Today at 15:42:28 
Started by LANCER | Post by uigiroux
So I was considering doing the big bore kit or camshaft, but it seems this upgrade would be easily the best bang for your buck, since you don't have to do anything besides hone case and plug and play, correct?  Is this still available and if so how long would it take to have delivered?  About how much would it cost to have this done by a mechanic if you had to guess?  I think this is definitely what I want to do.  It seems the big bore upgrade barely does anything compared to this and for nearly 1/3rd the cost!  Very interested!!!

7  General Category / Rubber Side Down! / Re: They said it couldn't be done - S&S carb insta
 on: Today at 15:02:33 
Started by DragBikeMike | Post by DragBikeMike
Kamelryttarn, thanks for the kudos.

The insulator is made from a phenolic material.  S&S makes them in two thicknesses, 1/4" and 3/8".  S&S part numbers 16-0491 & 16-0497.

The small meter to the right of the tachometer is an oil pressure gage, 0-15 psi, liquid filled.  I have it tapped in to the head cover.  It is a Marshall part number LB00015.  You can view the details of the install here.

8  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Coolest homemade e-bike
 on: Today at 13:27:17 
Started by Serowbot | Post by WunGun
That bike puts the class in classic.

9  General Category / The Cafe / Re: Hello from southern AZ (USA)
 on: Today at 13:26:20 
Started by DesertCat | Post by norm92de
That area is one of my favourite parts of the country. Absolutely gorgeous. Smiley

10  General Category / The Marketplace / Re: Modified Pulley Spacer
 on: Today at 12:19:16 
Started by Armen | Post by Armen
Actually, Dave still has the remaining  stash of flywheels and front pulleys.
I just have the modified rear axle spacer for the double wide bearing.
07/21/19 at 18:40:18

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