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Message started by WebsterMark on 04/07/24 at 04:58:02

Title: The Vibe Shift
Post by WebsterMark on 04/07/24 at 04:58:02

Section of a longer essay by a man named Santiago Pliego.

And thus—cutting across communities and denominations and occupations and hobbies—we get to the Vibe Shift:

The Vibe Shift looks like ditching childless civilizational nihilism and saying, yeah, having kids is good, actually.

The Vibe Shift is the repudiation of homogenizing hyperglobalism and instead intentionally pursuing the communal, the local, and the national.

The Vibe Shift is the rejection of reality denial and instead embracing that men and women are unique and different.

The Vibe Shift is the refusal to subordinate yourself and your family to the whims and anxieties of activists and bureaucrats and relearning to trust your eyes and ears.

The Vibe Shift is the rejection of secular liberal materialism and a return to the Christian foundations of the West.

The Vibe Shift is taking off the ironic veil that aims to cover the festering wounds of despair and putting on the vestments of seriousness instead.

The Vibe Shift is laughing at those trying to demonize men and cheerfully proclaiming “Dudes rock.”

The Vibe Shift is spurning the fake and therapeutic and reclaiming the authentic and concrete.

The Vibe Shift is a healthy suspicion of credentialism and a return to human judgment.

The Vibe Shift is living not by lies, and instead speaking the truth—whatever the cost.

The Vibe Shift is directly facing our tumultuous times, refusing to blackpill, and choosing to build instead.

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Post by Serowbot on 04/07/24 at 09:02:54

Some rando thought he had a thought did he?  ;D

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Post by Eegore on 04/07/24 at 09:56:25

"Vibe Shift" comes from Sean Monahan’s Substack 8Ball in June of 2021.  Santiago Pliego took it from there, and took a lot of those quotes from other people.  He straight up took statements from Allison P Davis and even all the way back to Emily Segal's K-HOLE from 2015.

 This is someone taking a trend and fashion prediction catch-phrase and altering it.  I'd say Pliego is just applying "Vibe Shift" to general  hypocrisy attached to societal change.  A clear step away from the original Vibe-Shift usage.

Pierce describes it well:

To put it simply, a 'Vibe Shift' is a term that refers to the zeitgeist changing."

 Monahan, who created the phrase "Vibe-Shift" said:

"I feel like the trajectory of the 2010s has been exhausted in a lot of ways. The culture-war topic no longer seems quite as interesting to people. Social media isn’t a place where you can be as creative anymore; all the angles are figured out. Younger people are less interested in things like quote-unquote cancel culture. These were kind of, like, the big pillars we used to navigate pop culture in the 2010s. And we had the rise of all these world-spanning, like, Sauron-esque tech platforms that literally have presences on every continent. People want to make things personal again.

American Apparel, flash photography at parties, and messy hair and messy makeup, people going off in a lot of different directions because it doesn’t feel like there’s a coherent, singular vision for music or fashion, which is just so anti-decadence.”

 The nice thing about such an open ended term as "Vibe Shift" is that you can apply it to literally anything you want.

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Post by zevenenergie on 04/07/24 at 14:56:22

The fact that we are talking about this already says something about the energy of the sun's eclipse. It is already tangible and has been building up for a few months.

Father sky and mother earth.
It is the absolute that manifests itself in the relative.

The first 40 days after the solar eclipse are very potent and manifesting. Situations present themselves so you can use those to go within, to melt, to dissolve, to surrender.
This whole period is about change and letting go and new beginnings.

Tomorrow, focus your attention completely on your body, on your soul layers. Feel the exhilaration that that gives. Indulge in it as much as you can. Do not let yourself be distracted.
Marry it.

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Post by Eegore on 04/07/24 at 16:22:56

 I'm pretty sure its just the moon and sun in relation to the Earth.

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Post by zevenenergie on 04/07/24 at 23:50:06

Lets not discus totday for that wil pull us in our mind.

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Post by WebsterMark on 04/08/24 at 04:23:21

I took off work today and I’m traveling with my wife to see full totality. Luckily for us it’s within 75 mile drive. I know the perfect place in southern Illinois from riding my motorcycle around those country roads.

There’s nothing inherently magical about a full eclipse, but it can be borderline spiritual. It’s an amazing site. Seen it before in 2017. My brother and I rode down to a little stream, took our fishing gear, waded away from everybody and watched it on a gravel bar catching fish. It was awesome.

It’s a reminder that our sun is  a star,  like them billions of other stars we see at night. There’s a lot of value to seeing both sides of the same coin.

On one side, you are so completely insignificant, it’s laughable. Stacked against the universe, you don’t even register. You’re less significant than a grain of sand on all the beaches in the world.

On the other side, you are an important creation, not a product of evolution, but a creation. “What is man, that you made him a little less than the angels, and put the Earth as a footstool for him”

Embrace the dichotomy today brings you.

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Post by LANCER on 04/08/24 at 04:50:07

“the earth as a footstool for HIM”.

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Post by Serowbot on 04/08/24 at 08:12:17

68656A6761763633040 wrote:
“the earth as a footstool for HIM”.

I don't want to think what the eclipse is   :-?

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Post by thumperclone on 04/08/24 at 12:15:18

it's national unicorn day

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Post by WebsterMark on 04/09/24 at 05:42:52

7A77787573642421160 wrote:
“the earth as a footstool for HIM”.


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