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Message started by QNero on 08/14/21 at 18:15:40

Title: JIS Screws (Japanese Industral Standard)
Post by QNero on 08/14/21 at 18:15:40

Ever wonder why all your screws are striping on your Japanese rice burner?

Well, If your reading this then perhaps I've peaked your interest by telling you that you have come to the right thread about this issue that we all seem to have with our Suzuki LS650 Savages.

There's at lest two things you can do to remedy this problem. But, before I get into the nitty gritty let me first explain to you that these screws were intentionally designed to be striped and rounded out by American Mechanics in hopes to ruin the part that the screw is attached to by the Japanese Industry. This was a successful ploy to insure the longevity and profitably of SGP (Suzuki Genuine Parts) and other parts manufacture within the Japanese economy in an American and International market.

So what is a JIS screw? Well, you wouldn't guess that it's a different screw just by looking at it, however it is! It looks like a philip's screw to you and me but it's not! It's a totally different type of screw thats been designed to strip out the head and round off the corners if you're using a phillips screwdriver on it. It has to do primarily with the angles where the screw meets your driver. Theses JIS screws will be identified by a small round single dimple on the head of the screw. LOOK CLOSELY!

Well, lets get into the two options you have to avoid this fiasco.

1. You can replace all JIS screws on your bike with American metric screws, but you still have to go through the headache of taking them out and possibly stripping them with your standard Philips driver.

2. You can add to your collection of Philips drivers by purchasing JIS Specific Phillips drivers. I highly recommend Vassel JIS Drivers.

Below i have included some pictures and a link to better help illustrate what a JIS is:

Title: Re: JIS Screws (Japanese Industral Standard)
Post by Eegore on 08/24/21 at 14:35:28

 I knew the geometry difference, but didn't know that it was designed as a ploy against the almighty American Phillips screwdriver.

Title: Re: JIS Screws (Japanese Industral Standard)
Post by verslagen1 on 08/24/21 at 16:37:03

Option #3, take the appropriate sized driver, place it in the screw and hit it with a hammer.  
This will make those JIS screws into phillips.
They're soft and likely to strip anyways.

Title: Re: JIS Screws (Japanese Industral Standard)
Post by QNero on 08/24/21 at 18:58:48

Actually, I'm going to get rid of all of my garbage Phillips drivers and go with the superior JIS drivers that don't cam out! I'm sure most mechanists would agree.  8-)

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