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Message started by zipidachimp on 07/29/21 at 00:53:08

Title: Possible Project ?
Post by zipidachimp on 07/29/21 at 00:53:08

Scanning local Craigs, a lot of old streetbikes are turning up for $500-$600. Tossing out the old lumps leaves a nice rolling chassis with 'street' geometry, tubeless tires, nice tank shape, etc for cheap money.  Dropping in my S40 engine might stop me from complaining about Suz not building
a Single Tempter 650 !
Winter project????
Cheers!  8-)

Title: Re: Possible Project ?
Post by Dave on 07/29/21 at 03:53:03

The Savage engine is really tall - it would not fit easily into most frames.

I believe it is a lot easier to take a Savage and modify it to be more like the Tempter..........that is the path I am currently taking with my project.

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