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Message started by piedmontbuckeye on 12/11/16 at 14:42:20

Title: Technical Oil Comparison
Post by piedmontbuckeye on 12/11/16 at 14:42:20

Here is an article done by a friend of mine.  It had appeared in a BMW magazine.  I obtained a copy of it from its author and am using it with his permission.

This is not to start an "oil war" but to maybe help and to show comparisons.

Title: Re: Technical Oil Comparison
Post by Dave on 12/22/16 at 06:48:03

The link you provided is informational....but care needs to be taken when choosing one of these oils.  The information does not show which oils are MA rated and are safe to use in a motorcycle with a wet clutch (like our Savage).  The BMW airhead bikes have a dry clutch....and using oils with friction modifiers has no effect on the clutch in those bikes.

I did not look at all the oils - but I found the Valvoline VR-1 oil is not suitable for use in the Savage, and the following is a quote from Valvoline's web page:


Valvoline VR-1 Racing Motor Oil is a family of race-proven lubricants formulated to provide high load carrying characteristics, minimum foaming and maximum resistance to thermal degradation. Exclusive chemistry reduces internal
friction and enhances power output under extreme service conditions.

Valvoline VR-1 Racing Motor Oil is recommended for eengines burning gasoline and full or partial alcohol fuels in track and street service.

Valvoline VR-1 Racing Motor Oil is for use in any car, light truck, van, or SUV where API “SN” is recommended (see proper viscosity grade below).  

Valvoline VR-1 Racing Motor Oil is not recommended for use in wet clutches (use Valvoline 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil).

I also believe that Castrol GTX is not an MA rated oil, and may not be suitable for use in a wet clutch application.

The other thing that needs to be taken into consideration - is that this article is almost 3 years old.  Oil formulas are being revised constantly, and the data could very well be out of date already.  (As an example......Rotella T is no longer in production and you will have to use the new Rotella T4). » Powered by YaBB 2.2!
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