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Message started by Robees on 08/27/14 at 20:42:30

Title: Speedo squeel
Post by Robees on 08/27/14 at 20:42:30

Just bought a 2000 savage with 15k, stock except for drag style bars that apparently came from a later model savage. There gas been a vibrating, high-pitched noise that started the second day I had it.  Its frequency follows the engine speed.  When I put my hand on the speedometer the noise goes away.  I thought maybe lube speedo cable? Any ideas?

Title: Re: Speedo squeel
Post by jcstokes on 08/27/14 at 20:54:47

Go to page 2 of the tech section, about 13 posts down there is a photo walk through of how to eliminate the problem, there is also another good post further in the tech section, but you will have to look for it. » Powered by YaBB 2.2!
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