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Message started by Yoshi on 02/16/14 at 11:06:17

Title: Speedometer Rattle Fix/Removing gas tank/seat
Post by Yoshi on 02/16/14 at 11:06:17

This annoying rattle from the speedometer overpowers the great exhaust sound so I needed to fix it :-)

Start by removing the 2 bolts that hold on the seat ( (

Now remove the 2 bolts and bracket that holds the rear of the tank (seat lift mod) (

Now turn the raptor petcock to the off position and remove the fuel line(If you have the stock petcock you'll probably need to drain the gas and fully remove it) (

Now lift the tank and pull towards the back of the bike (

Disconnect the power supply to the cluster (

Disconnect the speedometer cable (

Dont lose the spacer gasket inbetween! (

Now tip the tank up and get ready (

Remove the 3 nuts holding the springs in, we will be reusing the 3 nuts and 3 washers (

Now remove the speedo cable from the speedometer (

Pull the speedometer from the top of the tank (notice I already put the fuel line onthe bolt side) (

Now cut up some fuel hose a little longer then the spring, this will replace the spring and reduce the rattle (

Slide everything on like this (

Put the washers on first then tighten the nuts and then install the speedometer cable (

Follow the steps backwards for reassembly! Thanks  ;)

Title: Re: Speedometer Rattle Fix/Removing gas tank/seat
Post by WellMax on 04/08/14 at 19:47:20


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