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Message started by Jack_650 on 08/05/12 at 21:39:02

Title: Turn signal improvise
Post by Jack_650 on 08/05/12 at 21:39:02

As well as the 2k Savage, I've got a '79 Suzuki GS 850. The turn signals, which aren't working now, go through some ridiculous module with relays and some electronics. I don't want to say these units are hard to find, but these units are hard to find.

Why is he telling us this you ask. Well, "just let me esplain it to you Lucy."

What I'm asking for is help coming up with a different kind of turn signal set-up. Has anybody here had to devise a set-up that could be easily thrown together? Would just pulling the flasher and whatever is used for the 650 signals and slapping them into the 850 be doable? Oldie or Versie, one of you must have had to rig something up in the past to make things like this happen. I'm not afraid to run some wire and solder some connections and there's lots of room under the seat to put things. Or in the Vetters unit that's on the front for that matter.


Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by justin_o_guy2 on 08/05/12 at 22:16:25

You can slap anything together & test it on the bench, you dont have to run wires on the bike.

Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by Cavi Mike on 08/06/12 at 06:41:26

Does your GS have hazards on it? The Savage doesn't. Makes for very simple wiring. Power goes into the flasher relay, then goes into the signal switch, then into the signals.

*edit* If you have a battery charger, makes for a great power supply in a pinch for doing things off the bike. It's what I was using when I tested the wiring I just did on my bike the other day.

Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by spacepirates on 08/06/12 at 06:51:09

Jack, you and I have the same two bikes. Well, my savage is an '02, but that doesn't change much; the '79 GS850 has more changes in between years.

I had issues with my turn signals on two other bikes a while back. I went to an auto parts store to get a flasher which didn't work. Amazon has two products I've used, one is simply a universal signal flasher (it had the right cables/plugs) and the other is an electric flasher. I think they were $20 and $12 respectively. Electric flashers are nice because the blink rate isn't dependent on resistance of the lights -- which means you can switch to LED lights if you want. The downside is that you won't notice your blinkers flashing super-fast if one of them goes out.

I'm on board with JoG2's idea: Get the parts you want and assemble them on a table to see if they work. If you can do without hazard lights, the wiring is really simple and shouldn't require anything special or expensive.

Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by justin_o_guy2 on 08/06/12 at 06:58:51

Does the state require the hazard lites to work to pass inspection?

Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by Spamy on 08/06/12 at 08:06:50

Looks like they still sell all the parts you may need.

Do you want to change it, or just do it on the cheap?

Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by Jack_650 on 08/06/12 at 14:25:16

Going from back to front, CHEAP is always good. If I can come up with a simple diagram and a parts list I'll be good to go. The unit with the relays and all has been replaced at least once already so who knows if there's a problem somewhere in all those wires. And there are no hazard flashers that I've found to deal with. The bike is only 33 years or so old with 22k on it. What could go wrong? The next owner might actually thank me for the simplified changes, if I don't decide to cut off the front to use to build a trike.

Cavi, that picture looks like something perfect for S. Kings next novel - a motorcycle that comes to life to get revenge on it's owner. The sequel.

An electric flasher? Is that the official name? That's a new one to me. The charging system on the 850 (and 650) is pretty wimpy so LEDs would be nice on both bikes. I got the bike for a smoother long trip ride which it provides great, but it's top heavy and only gets about 36 or so mpg. But it's also the last year with points and the original, screwy carb set-up. The newer electronics and carbs are bolt in swaps.

Now to find a 17" darksider to put on the back.


Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by Cavi Mike on 08/06/12 at 17:12:38

Is it called an electric flasher or an electronic flasher? While I was checking my wiring out I immediately noticed the flasher is silent. Upon closer inspection I saw that it's epoxy-filled like the bottom of the CDI and rectifier modules so I'm assuming it's a solid-state flasher and therefore it's a piece of electronics. It does have the fast-flashing syndrome but that's easily remedied by a 6ohm 20watt resistor across the wires. You can pick them up at Radio Shack.

Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by Jack_650 on 08/06/12 at 20:52:46

And this electronic flasher is a two channel automotive affair? A left and right.

At first we thought the problem was in the switch which is a funny little device. If you ever get the chance to take one apart be prepared to catch springs and little metal balls. And it wasn't the switch.


Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by Cavi Mike on 08/06/12 at 23:41:04

No, it only has 2 wires going into it. 12v power goes in and is sent to the signal switch. The switch diverts the power to either light and the flasher begins to cycle. You don't need a flasher for each side, you just need a flasher in the circuit.

Title: Re: Turn signal improvise
Post by Jack_650 on 08/07/12 at 15:47:19

And the light bulb appears over the lads head. Now all I need is a speech balloon.


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