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Message started by matt on 10/22/10 at 15:43:02

Title: Headlight Rattle Fix
Post by matt on 10/22/10 at 15:43:02

this drives me nuts, it drowns the sound of engine and sounds like crap...

Here is my QUICK FIX to the issue:

phillips screw driver
muffler packing
muscle or knife...

step one: remove light by two screws on bottom sides of bowl.

step two: use muscle (or knife) to rip a few shreds of muffler packing, i ended up using three peices about 2x3, doeasnt have to be perfect.. its just a cushion!

step three:
shove one peice in the bottom of bowl, put the light in, but dont close all the way, in the opening at the top shove the rest of muffler packing in there.

step four: close it all up

step five: enjoy

;D ;D ;D ;D :o 8-) :-* 8-) :o ;D :D

Title: Re: Headlight Rattle Fix
Post by Oldfeller on 11/21/10 at 22:36:21

Curious as to the long term heat effects on the bulb and the reflector -- they get hot enough in use and you just packed all around yours with some insulator material that is gonna isolate all that heat in the bulb and reflector area even more.

Update this tread please with a time update please after you go through a summer heat cycle or two.

Anyone who does this with a high intensity bulb like a Sylvania Silverstar chime in on any heat effects on bulb life, etc .....



Title: Re: Headlight Rattle Fix
Post by verslagen1 on 11/21/10 at 23:52:45

I've used the Sylvania Silverstar for about 3 yrs.
The face of the lens gets hot enough to melt a bike cover.
But while the back is warm, it's not hot.

In defense of the method, very little cooling occurs from the back side.
And since the reflector is metal, there's little impact of it getting hot other that the possibility of the reflector being damaged due to heat induced corrosion.  Adding muffler packing, which would serve as an insulator, would benefit the headlight shell.

Title: Re: Headlight Rattle Fix
Post by Oldfeller on 11/22/10 at 05:52:46

Me too on the Silverstar, and yes they do get pretty hot.  

Isn't some of the clip and bulb retaining stuff on the back of the reflector (where you change the bulb) made of thermoset plastic on some year models?  Thermoset might embrittle over time but it wouldn't melt on you I wouldn't think.  Same sort of stuff is used in handles on kitchen pans ....

Original Silverstars got a rep for relatively short bulb life, Sylvania had to put a durability warranty on the second generation to encourage people to buy them (still got mine, but I think like Verslagen mine has lasted longer than the promised warranty period).

Point is all the insulation stops back side cooling of the bulb and mounting parts and they will get hotter than they normally would.  

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