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Title: Petcock Issues (poll and summary)
Post by Oldfeller on 10/13/10 at 01:35:25

Once again, to save bandwidth follow the link to the discussion thread Petcock Issues (summary & polls).


This is arguably the best petcock test method going.  If you added Seafoam to a couple of tanks of gas and did this, by the time you ran out the second tank of gas it would be clear if you needed to replace your petcock with a Raptor or not.


..... and if you are bold and want to know more in general on the subject of petcock testing

 -- here is our very latest in the series of Petcock Wars !!!
(notice that we know a lot more on the subject now, and the feared Raptor downsides have never arrived yet .... )

 -- and here is our very first Petcock War !!!

               complete with silly stuff, people acting up, nekkid girls and all the trimmings

(contains a mild disagreement on the very best way to test the failure-prone pesky little thing which explains the petcock issue fairly thoroughly and well)

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