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Message started by Wolfman on 10/12/10 at 02:51:25

Title: Muffler Squeak?
Post by Wolfman on 10/12/10 at 02:51:25

Anyone ever had the stock muffler on an s40 start squeaking from the 'inside'?
High pitched metal on metal squeak, gets annoying. Disappears when reving or covering the exhasut port.
Baffle broke loose? Spark arrestor screen?

Title: Re: Muffler Squeak?
Post by justin_o_guy2 on 10/12/10 at 04:14:04

Clearly  your bike is crying out for a Supertrapp.

Title: Re: Muffler Squeak?
Post by Wolfman on 10/12/10 at 11:23:26

Naw, was thinking Dyna maybe with a rejet this winter. Just dont want to do it right now and lose any rideing time but it gets a bit annoying when its warming

Title: Re: Muffler Squeak?
Post by Boofer on 10/12/10 at 19:59:34

Wolfman, mine did that for awhile. The PO had put a screw in the rear between the small baffle and the large one as a wedge. I took it out and slid the small baffle out. (About an inch dia. by five or six inches long.) Sounded OK so I left it out. Later the big baffle squeaked awhile and later slid out about six inches. Pulled it out, but lost too much power. Put on a Night Train HD muff in an hour for about $40. Not loud, but looks good and power came back. Ground off the front muffler boss (For mounting screw) and slid muffler forward to last screw boss and put 1/4-20 screw through front hole in stock bracket. Had to use big pipe wrench to twist stock muff bracket to line up better with screw hole. Left off OE heat shield, because It looks funney to me to have small muff sticking out of shield. Bought JC Whitney shield to cover header/muff joint. Hope this helps.

Title: Re: Muffler Squeak?
Post by Lupo on 10/12/10 at 21:26:30

Sounds serious, call an exterminator right away!!!!!

Serious though. You may want to check the condition of the inner wall of the head pipe.

Title: Re: Muffler Squeak?
Post by Wolfman on 10/13/10 at 01:05:48

Inner wall of the head pipe for?? Loose connection? Sounds like metal on metal right in the arse end of the pipe. Like maybe its the screen or a loose baffle. Just started one day all at once

Has'nt affected power, just annoying so far.
Kinda like the guy today that cut across 4 lanes of traffic and cut me off. Emegency brakeing time. Then pulled up and screamed obcenities at me wanting to fight for about 4 blocks because i gave him "A Look." He dont know how lucky he was, i just ignored him and wondered wheres a cop when you want
And of course caught every d@mn light and he stayed right beside me. Idjit. I just kept en eye on his front wheel. Road rage.
I needed a supertrapp to drown him

Then there was the 3/4 ton pickup that forced his way between me and the car in front at a light. I always leave at least a bikes length for an escape route and this dufuss pulled the right front wheel over in front of me untill the light changed. I could of knocked on his passanger side window and asked WTF?

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