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Message started by Oldfeller on 12/31/08 at 07:41:16

Title: Exterior Battery Charger Connections
Post by Oldfeller on 12/31/08 at 07:41:16

Our Savages are cursed with a hard to access battery when winter time comes and we have to charge that battery periodically.  

This post shows a way to make that effort a one-time-only affair with it being an easy do from then on.  It also introduces you to the Harbor Freight float charger, an item that commonly goes on sale for less than $5 (which makes it one heck of a deal to slow charge or "maintain" your Savage's battery).

It also introduces you to a very affordable $3.99 seven function volt/ohm meter from Harbor Freight, so you can have a useable digital unit out in your shop easy at hand at all times.

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