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Message started by Darren on 03/21/08 at 06:19:05

Title: Pulling The Alternator Rotor
Post by Darren on 03/21/08 at 06:19:05

Hi all - could someone put me straight on pulling the alternator rotor so that I can change the starter clutch on my 88 model? The manual has left me a bit confused - thats not hard though.

I appologise if the info is already contained somewhere on the forum discussions, I couldn't find what I was after.

Title: Re: Pulling The Alternator Rotor
Post by Reelthing on 03/21/08 at 06:33:18

if you do a search - set the time frame to all post from the default of a week and search for stator  - many posts and some pretty goos pictures

Title: Re: Pulling The Alternator Rotor
Post by T Mack 1 on 03/21/08 at 08:10:39

It's called Flywheel ....... same thing though....

To pull the flywheel you will need a puller tool, which sort of a special tool and is a bit pricey.  :P   It's basically a 50 mm nut looking thing that has a bolt in the center.   You loosen the bolt that holds flywheel but not remove it.   Then put tool on and tighten it's bolt till the flywheel pops.  Then remove tool, remove flywheel bolt and slide flywheel off.

Yahoo'd one:

EDIT:  hey... just looked in the FSM and they call it rotor removal tool.  :-/  hey... flywheel works a little better in searching in Google & Yahoo worlds......

Title: Re: Pulling The Alternator Rotor
Post by Rockin_John on 03/22/08 at 01:05:54

So now you know the tool you need. Here's a tiny tip that some may not know: Handle the rotor with extreme care, not allowing it to drop hard on anything; and never hit one with a metallic object (hammer). You can disturb the small magnetic field in the strip on the rotor and render it useless. They ain't cheep to replace.

Hope I told you that before you been whanging dents in it with a hammer!  :D

Title: Re: Pulling The Alternator Rotor
Post by Darren on 03/22/08 at 11:07:14

Hi thanks all. I got a replaement starter clutch from the local salvage yard - they specialise in hitting things, hard, to get them apart - infact, I think the mechanic has a bag of Snap On hammers for a tool set!

He did offer to pop the rotor off my motor but I declined, however, after gingerly trying to pop the rotor using a standard 2 leg puller I decided to leave well alone. The motor is still out of the frame so I am going to drop it into the local Suzuki Dealer to complete this operation. I will busy myself looking for bits to bob the rear end whilst its away.


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