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Message started by youzguyz on 09/06/07 at 08:01:31

Title: Bleeping Turn Signals - installed
Post by youzguyz on 09/06/07 at 08:01:31

Got it put together and put in.  Here is the way I did it.
Just to be fair, I didn't figure all this out myself.  I got ideas from other people here and other web sites as well.

The parts (all Radio Shack P/Ns):
273-059 Buzzer (75db), 275-248 Relay, 276-1152 Rectifier, 64-3049 Quick Disconnects, wire, fusing tape, etc.

NOTE: You may want to consider a louder buzzer than the one listed.  It depends on where you mount it, your hearing, ear protection, etc, etc.
Go to and do a search on piezo for some ideas.  You want a buzzer that will operate in the 12 volt range, and physically fit where you want to put it.
See the "Update" towards the end of this posting for what I ended up with.

Wired up and looks like this:

Note: The negative lead on the Rectifier is not used and cut off short.

Here is a wiring diagram (ok.. I'm not an artist).
Easier to read if you save the image.

Wired into the bike:

This is under the seat.  The black blob I am holding is the rectifier and relay taped together with fusing tape.
You can see the red wire that goes to the brake light going up the fender.
The four green bullet connectors go to the rear turn signals.  From left to right:
Clear wire to green (turn signal)
Black wire to Black/White stripe (ground)
Clear wire to Black (turn signal)
4th connector was not used (another ground)

To add a wire to a bullet connector.  
Take it apart
Slide your bare wire down the middle of the male connector and back up a ways on the outside.
Plug it back together.

Last connection is for the brake light.
The connection is under the pillion seat by the bike's rectifier (that big black thing with the fins).
My red wire is going into the molex connector and contacting the "White/Black stripe" wire that goes to the brake light.

Tied down and ready to roll:

The "black blob" is under the blue cable tie.
The rather large amount of clearish wire goes to the buzzer, which you can see in the picture.
Right now, I have the buzzer sitting just below the seat by the tool box.  If that sounds ok, I'll leave it there.  If not, I have enough wire on it to go just about anywhere!  ;D
Update: The 75db buzzer is now on the fork tube of the frame, just below the upper triple T.  That seemed to be the best compromise for audible (ok up to about 55mph), appearance (black on black) and mounted vertical and under a bit of cover to help keep water out of the unit.
Update: Final location is on the frame just sticking out from the front of the tank.  A bit quieter than above, but a lot less noticeable.

How it works:
When a turn signal is turned on, current flows into the rectifier on an AC lead, then out on the + lead.  The rectifier is there to keep the turn signals isolated from each other.
Current goes to the + side of the buzzer, which beeps at same rate as the turn signal.
Out of the buzzer on the - side, it goes to the relay "common" connection.  The current flows through the relay and out the NC (Normally Closed) connection and then to ground, completing the circuit.
When the brakes are applied, the coil of the relay pulls the common to the NO (Normally Open) connection.  That removes the ground from the buzzer, and it goes silent.
Basically.. it beeps until you put the brakes on.

Explained it as best as I could.  If anyone has questions, let me know!

Title: Re: Bleeping Turn Signals - installed
Post by buster6315 on 02/15/17 at 15:34:52

I ran across a Japaneeze scooter with  bleeping turn signals, wonder if the noise was from the blinker unit, that would be nice if'n it was!

Title: Re: Bleeping Turn Signals - installed
Post by Kenny G on 02/15/17 at 17:55:54


You can buy a Beeping Blinker Unit on Amazon but you will have to relocate it and change the plugs that connect the Blinker Unit to the electric system on your bike.

I went with a similar setup that YouzGuyz used and added an LED unit so I can both see & hear when the turn signal is blinking.

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