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Title: Table of Contents with links
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Buying tips (


How to use the Search Function (
HowTo Post Pic's (
On-Line Manuals (
The Savage Companion CD (
Suzuki/Clymer Manual Errors (
2001 LS650 Parts List (
Off beat measurments and sizes (
Accessory List (
Savage Colors by Year (
Metric Threads (
Parts interchange... (
VIN & Engine numbers (

Lube, Maintenance & Tune-up

Audio Tach (
Tachometer Installation (
Location of oil drain plug (
Oil Change Time (
Recommended Oils for Your Savage (
Oil Fill Cap Tech Tip (
How to adjust your valves (
Decomp Solenoid Adjustment (
Winterization Tips (
Battery and Charging Tips (
(How to remove the) Fuel Tank (
Torque specs List (
Clymer Error on Engine Rotation (
Spark Plug Conversion (
Reading Spark Plugs (
Spark Plug Door Method (
Oil analysis on the cheap (
Find TDC... the easy way... (
Timing cover replacement (
How to push/bump start a Savage (
Belt tension, (video) (
Safe Engine Internal Clean Up Method (


Tires (
New Tire Choices (
Cafe' Bike Tire Discussion (
How to change the rear tire (
Read a tire code and date... (
About Tire Changing... (
How to change a tire (


Savage "Head Plug/Cap" Leak (
Pictorial HOW-TO: Head Plug Cap / Seal (step-by-step) (;action=display;num=1177184297)
Speedo Cable Leak (
Permanent fix for speedo cable oil leak! (
Fix your gas cap leak (
Oil leak check (

Title: Table of Contents with links
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Tensioner, rubber plug, new cam (in frame) (
omg! new rings+valves+plug (w/pics + walkthrough) (
Head Cover and Head Alignment... (;action=display;num=1192650042)
Cam Chain Issue Library (;action=display;num=1176999168)
Cam Chain Adjuster check (;action=display;num=1191167029)
Oil System (;action=display;num=1151246239)
 :( Engine Photos...Internal and External (;action=display;num=1121532548)
Home made bench mounted engine stand (;action=display;num=1190490437)
Max Torque (;action=display;num=1147101900)
Motor swap without changing CDI unit (
More horses (
Rocker Arm Repair (
Cam Journal repair (
Starter gear upgrade for 4speeds (
starter torque limiter repair (


Clutch (
Homemade Gaskets (
Extended life Clutch (
Clutch Basket Removal (

Transmission & Gearshift
Footpegs and Shift Rod (
Shift Rod Adjustment (
My Gears are getting stuck? Help! (
Front pulley nut removal and spline maintenance (

Title: Table of Contents with links
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Fuel & Exhaust


Inexpensive high performance air filter (;action=display;num=1183640744)
12 Step Cone Filter Mod and Re-Jet (w/pics; this keeps battery box & airbox) (
Big K&N stealth install with IMPROVED PICS (

...Carbs & Jetting


Carb Specs. (;action=display;num=1098869040)
Lancer's Straight & Simple Carb Tuning (;action=display;num=1157720585)
Serowbot's Carb Tuning for Beginners (
Mikuni Jets for VM & CV carbs + Tuning Info (
Mikuni / Dynojet jet size comparison (;action=display;num=1104263751)
Idle Mixture Plug (
carb jetting- a progressive guide (
Carburetor cleanup Island Style (;action=display;num=1191899985)
Removing Stripped Air Mix Screw (
Vent tube routing (
Checking the float level (

.…..Backfire issues

Mid-Range Power & the White Spacer Mod (Backfire) (;action=display;num=1104205157)
Idle Mix Screw Brass Plug removal (
TEV Summary and Overview (
Clean your TEV (
TEV tuning (
TEV fix2 (


Carbs 101 (;action=display;num=1180437249)
Mikuni General Tuning Guide (;action=display;num=1180437138)


UFO...Ultimate Flow Optimizer (
Mikuni Jets for VM & CV carbs + Tuning Info (
Keihin FCR tuning (;action=display;num=1176035321)

…...Broken Links
A Carburetor Primer (;action=display;num=1148216203)
Factory Pro CV Carb Tuning Instructions (;action=display;num=1147200930)
Carburetor Setup (;action=display;num=1145793511)


Harley Muffler Guide (
Sportster muff installation (;action=display;num=1114360126)
Savage Sounds (mufflers) (;action=display;num=1151331237)
MAC muffler install (;action=display;num=1194723804)
how to remove melted plastic (;action=display;num=1109035210)
Lancer Upgrade (;action=display;num=1126030690)
Hartman Muffler Mod (
DYNA Muffler adapter (


Test your Petcock,.. don't just turn it to Prime.. (
Petcock Issues (poll and summary) (
Raptor Petcock Reserve Capacity (
Petcock repair kit (
MANUAL operation ON/OFF/RES (

...Fuel Issues

10 Micron Pleated Paper fuel filter (
How to test gasoline for ethanol (

Title: Table of Contents with links
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Suzuki Marauder headlight swap walkthrough (
How to test your Voltage Regulator-Rectifier (
Wiring Diagrams! (
MC Electrical Charging Fault Diagram (;action=display;num=1162070248)
How to Test Voltage Drop (by Max_Morley) (;action=display;num=1160760997)
That "mysterious" electrical system (;action=display;num=1099317926)
Weatherproofing Widder Electric Vest Terminals (;action=display;num=1183731693)
Simplified/Chopper Wiring Diagram (;action=display;num=1173898705)
Ignitor Connector (;action=display;num=1116429173)
CDI (magic sh!t box) repair (
Mini Battery Install (
More Juice (
Lengthening a bundle of wires (


Brake/Taillight bulb replacement (
Bulbs (
Blinker Buddy (
LED turn signal Information (;action=display;num=1169825737)
Installing a Headlight Relay (;action=display;num=1154216104)
Turn signal conversion: add run/brake (;action=display;num=1135649911)
Bleeping Turn Signals - installed (;action=display;num=1189100000)
Aftermarket Front Turn Signals (
Aftermarket Rear Turn Signals (;action=display;num=1137475021)
Gitarzan's Bracket (Turn sigs) (;action=display;num=1118286882)
Sax Man's rear signal mod (
Headlight rattle (
Headlight rattle 2 (
Brake Pedal and light adjustment (

Front Suspension & Steering

Fork Seal Replacement (
Fork Seal Replacement2 (
How to make a fork disassembly tool (
How to make a fork disassembly tool2 (
Fork Spring Rate (
Fork Improvements for RYCA Café Conversions (
Replacement Key - Ignition and Fork Lock Keys (
Tool Box Lock Rekeying (
Lowering the Front End (;action=display;num=1187872966;start=)
Lowering the Front End 2 (
(Changing the) Fork Lock (;action=display;num=1138368752)
Operating the fork/steering lock (;action=display;num=1130359388)
Installing a fork brace (
Front Rim Dimensions (
Grip Replacement (
Custom Risers (
DIY 15$ Bar Risers (

Rear Suspension

How do you adjust stock shocks (;action=display;num=1137768473)
How to change rear brake shoes (
Improved Rear Suspension (;action=display;num=1177995778)
Fitting MUCH Larger Rear Tire (;action=display;num=1181496112)
Lowering shocks (;action=display;num=1186949485)
Cheap Rear Wheel Alignment Tool (;action=display;num=1183995917)
Squeeky Belt Drive (
Chain coversion for the Savage/S40 (;action=display;num=1174239333)
Cast Wheel Conversion with Pics (

Title: Table of Contents with links
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Front Brake Pads (
HOWTO: Front Brake Pads (step-by-step) (
Changing/buying steel front brake line (
Bleeding your front brake cylinder (changing out brake fluid) (
Brake Pedal Cover (
Fancy (front) Brake Rotor (RSD) (
Rear Brakes and Wheel (

Body & Frame

Speedo Rattle fix (silicone & tubing method) (
Tank Dent Removal (
S40 Gel Seat on Savage (
sportster seat mod (
Seat lift (
Installing Saddlebag Brackets (
(Removing) rear fender chrome panels (
Savage/S40 Fender Rails Exchange (
How to Remove Badging. Step-by-Step. (
Make your own forward controls (
SissyBar Luggage Bracket (
Saddlebag Brackets - How to make your own (
Frame and Chassis Photos (

Title: Table of Contents with links
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Modifications (how to or what...)

Airbox2Batterybox mod (
Tips and Tricks (;action=display;num=1101159893)
Savage Mods (;action=display;num=1117191261)
Bobber build 101 (
The Diamond Jim (
Polishing? (
Black & Bling (Metal Polishing) (;action=display;num=1182464837)
How to Bondo (;action=display;num=1111962414)
Straighten Bent Clutch/Break Lever (

DIY: Do It Yourself and tools

Savage Toolkit (;action=display;num=1108327792)
Basic tools for motorcycle maintenance ... (
Rikko's Build Your Own Bike Lift/Stand (;action=display;num=1100379341)
Poor Man's Bike Stand (
Mobile Engine Stand (
Poor Man's Auxillary Tank... (
Cheap Torque Wrench (;action=display;num=1183680033)
Harbor Freight Wheel Chocks (;action=display;num=1195305286)
How to use a Rigid Screw Extractor (;action=display;num=1159393743)
Cheap Timing Cover Removal Tool (
short detector (

How to pick up your dropped bike... (
Items to watch when TRAILERING your bike ( )
ROAD SPARES (;action=display;num=1115571784)
Trip Meter Ideas (;action=display;num=1116676372)
Sigma BC 1606L (Trip Odometer) (;action=display;num=1183653316)
Getting stuck at red lights? Try this. (;action=display;num=1165622378)

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If you come across a title that you would like to nominate for inclusion to the table, please post a link here and we'll shoe horn it in where appropriate.

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