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Message started by PhotoProf on 05/01/07 at 18:59:26

Title: Urban legend or cure?
Post by PhotoProf on 05/01/07 at 18:59:26

A number of years ago I ran across this interesting approach to eliminating the tendency of pipes to turn blue. The cure was to wrap several revolutions of copper wire around the header as close to the engine head as possible. I tried it on a Honda 350 back in the 70's and never had any bluing. I was wondering if anyone else had run across similar advice. Seems like sound logic for helping dissipate heat.

Title: Re: Urban legend or cure?
Post by serowbot on 05/01/07 at 22:00:59

Sounds like urban legend stuff to me.  The logic would be that the copper works as a heat sink and pulls enough heat away from the pipe to prevent bluing.  I seriously doubt it.  The finned aluminum retaining ring like on old 60's bikes would probably do a better job.
BTW, I have had compliments on my blued pipe from riders and non-riders alike.  Riders think I'm a bad- a$$, and non-riders have asked if the pipe was a custom color or if they come stock like that.  BMW and Guzzi guys wear their blued pipes as a badge of honor.  Your not a real rider if your pipes aren't blued!  

Title: Re: Urban legend or cure?
Post by Savage_Rob on 05/02/07 at 05:41:58

If you want it blue, just wrap it with some header wrap and ride for a couple of weeks.  It'll blue the hell out of the header and get your muffler going blue a lot faster too.  I'm just gonna get mine ceramic coated.

Title: Re: Urban legend or cure?
Post by justin_o_guy on 05/02/07 at 06:22:04

My Guzzi ( Nevada 750) blued the pipes in under 20 minutes.Those dudes are set up  lean!

Title: Re: Urban legend or cure?
Post by georgekathe on 05/02/07 at 10:07:29

my (now departed - wasn't using it enough) BMW pipes blued just like every other BMW on the road - part of the charm of  them, I've heard. » Powered by YaBB 2.2!
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