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Message started by Martin on 04/30/07 at 22:02:58

Title: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by Martin on 04/30/07 at 22:02:58

Shocks -- seems many replace the rear shocks with something better.

Shocking -- seems 'something better' ranges from a piece of rebar to Progressive 412 series shocks of any length from 11 to 14 inches!!!

What shocks should a 150 lb solo rider upgrade to for improved comfort and handling?

Is rear shocks replacement something DIY, or better left to pros?

Thank you, Martin

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by serowbot on 04/30/07 at 22:36:33

Depends on what you're looking for.  I put shocks from an Intruder 800 on mine.  12.5" adds 2" travel and raises seat 1" approx.  Direct bolt-on replacement.  Good comfort and handling ( I'm 150lbs and ride solo), but many people want to keep the low cruiser styling or even get lower.  I was going for a more standard, 60's classic thumper look.  With shocks, taller 140/90 tire and seat lift I am at 30" seat height now.  If you go taller than stock watch for belt guard rubbing.  It can be easily trimmed or removed.  Do it yourself is not hard at all and you will care about getting it right, much more than some stranger in a shop.  Custom mods are not easy for a shop guy because there are so many possible variations and unknowns they can't anticipate, you can, cause you care and will have the time to test ride and feel as you go what adjustments and changes are needed.  Always try to do your own and you will have more pride and pleasure in your ride.

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by Reelthing on 05/01/07 at 04:37:03

Rear shocks are very much a DIY - unless up buy something that needs drilling or a lot of fiddle'n around with - the Progressive 412's are pretty fine shocks far better function than stock. here's the models that are going to fit easy w/the spring rates - the 4232's are far softer than stock ride up through the 4236's that are getting pretty stiff - all perform better than stock shocks suzuki puts on any cruiser. the 440's are better but you starting to talk real money there unless you get lucky on ebay.

Soft Ride 11"    412-4232C   90/130lb
Standard 11"   412-4233C 115/155lb
Standard 11.5"     412-4201C 115/155lb
Heavy Duty 11.5"  412-4236C 125/170lb;action=display;num=1138678827;start=14#14

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by LANCER on 05/01/07 at 05:44:11

Love that ebay.

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by Reelthing on 05/01/07 at 06:25:41

LANCER wrote:
Love that ebay.

you have gotten some wonderful buys on the 440's and 418's best i remember - person does need to be careful though - twice now on ebay I've seen 440's listed because that was what is on the box - but what was in the box was really 412's - after some convince'n via pictures and descriptions I got them both to relist the shocks as 412's.

back to original question there are down sides to shocks longer than 11-11.5" shocks - like the beltguard rubs, the kickstand is too short, oil level sight glass is incorrect unless you raise the front because you have changed the angle of the crankcase - all can be dealt with but just understand the whole picture before you go after long shocks

sorry forgot about an important one - you may also cut down on the range of the bike - as you lift the rear you also angle up the rear of the fuel tank - this causes fuel to move to the front of the tank and uncovers the reserve tube before the tank is empty.  

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by Martin on 05/01/07 at 08:18:00

This is great advice. Thank you.  :)

Do I order 11 or 11.5''? I have no particular lowering or raising agendas, I just want a comfortable ride to sae my back.

Do I order for my 150 lb the softer e.t. 412-4232C rated 90/130lb or standard, e.g. 412-4233C rated 115/155lb. Seems people heavier than me order the softer ones even though they are out of the weight range that manufacturer specifies.  

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by Reelthing on 05/01/07 at 09:09:30

On the spring rates the first number is how much load it takes to compress 1 spring the first 1" the second number is how much it takes for the last inch - thus the progressive in Progressive -

given that your 150lbs and if your an old geezer like me and really don't push the bike much or carry 2 up or heavy loads like camp gear - I find the 4232c to be a very comfortable ride - it is soft- if you do any of the above I'd go for the 4233c  

let's just tie it to some others;action=display;num=1136924522#24

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by Martin on 05/02/07 at 15:33:26

Terrific advice, especially posting the previous discussions on shocks. Thank  you.

I ordered 11" 412-4232C rated for 90/130lb. If very happy or very unhappy with them, I'll report back.

Title: Re: Shocks. Shocking.
Post by georgekathe on 05/02/07 at 16:16:05

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