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Message started by Paladin on 04/22/07 at 10:18:09

Title: SissyBar Luggage Bracket
Post by Paladin on 04/22/07 at 10:18:09

Not camping, but I am planning on carrying a tent and sleeping bag just in case.  Have been pondering on how to carry my luggage and I hit on what might be the solution.  A bracket that through-bolts onto a standard airline carry on size upright rolling suitcase:

(Click on either image for movie.) ( (
You can see why I wanted the CatsEye taillight under the fender lip to replace that clunky thing on top.  The case in the video is an old 18" x 13" x 10" Laptop case.

The making of the bracket was quite easy.  My high tech :P design plans:
As you can see, just a 15" piece of 3/4" x 1/8" flat weldable steel bent over the sissy bar.  On the backside, where the luggage will mount, I used bars out of a List-15 cabinet that already had 10-24 threaded holes on one inch centers ('cept for the last hole being 1.5" oc.)  If you can't find a List-15 cabinet, the original plan was for 3/4" x 1/8" flat steel.   The shorter front bars are 3/4" x 1/8" flat steel cut to fit precisely (actually since the sides taper you can slide up/down a bit to make it precise)

The sissybar is 5/8" square, but with a slight bulge on the top curve.  The back bars are welded to the outside of the side piece, the front brackets are inset about a 16th of an inch for a snug fit while still making it over the bulge.

Options to consider:  securing bracket/luggage to sissybar (I think I may have lost the first prototype, sans luggage, on a speed bump.)  I'll be using a bungee from the case handle down, but a locking bolt or clip through a front bar would work.

The inside bars and the bracket sandwich the two handle tubes of the rolling luggage.  Do not over-tighted to the point of crushing the tubes and making the handle unusable (the laptop case handle is now sticking, but since it has a broken zipper and tore interior, who cares!)

Title: Re: SissyBar Luggage Bracket
Post by Paladin on 07/08/07 at 13:47:46
This is the final with the bag that I'll be taking on my trip -- a 21" American Tourister Airline Carry-On.  For riding, a bungie cord will run from the top handle of the bag to the sissybar to stop it from bouncing off.

The holes where the bolts go through the suitcase have grommets/eyelets that I picked up in Michael's Craft Store.  The first set 3/4" off -- and visible in the photo.

Title: Re: SissyBar Luggage Bracket
Post by Paladin on 07/08/07 at 21:50:18

I had it on for the Full Moon Run a week and a smidge ago -- it carried a couple of jackets and my tripod.  I had also remounted my StreetScreen, about 2.5 inches above the headlight, top of screen about nose high.  The 115 mile run out to Palm Springs was mostly 65-75 mph and 61+ mpg.  Handling got a tad squirrly over 85 -- a common problem (so I've been told) with a fork mounted windsrceen.  Screen kept wind off the head just fine.  Bike was quite comfortable at 70-75.   Need a bigger headlight mounted a little higher to fill in under the windscreen as mounted.  I think the bag actually helped by completing the air bubble I was riding in.

Title: Re: SissyBar Luggage Bracket
Post by Paladin on 09/17/07 at 16:57:44

The bracket has now been tested with a full load for over 1500 miles -- no cracked welds and the screws held fine once I added jam nuts. » Powered by YaBB 2.2!
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