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Title: Metric Threads
Post by Kropatchek on 08/02/06 at 02:41:31

For those of you collectors of (un) usefull information.

                  Metric threads

Suzuki uses metric fine thread in some applications.
Here are links to all the metric threads. However only the 2 LH colomns and the outer RH are usefull fo us.

M and the figures relate to the seize:  M6= 6 mm etc.
The second colomn marked "SPOED" is the pitch.
The outer RH colomn list the drill diameter in mm (millimeters).

When you scroll down the first list press on :
      "Metrisch Fijne Spoed"
which brings you to the metric fine threads.

Any questions ( exept where to buy taps and dies) just ask me.

Dutch Version (
English Version (

Kropatchek 8)

Edit: Added English version and labeled links according to language.

Title: Re: Metric Threads
Post by MotoBuddha on 11/30/10 at 11:08:01

Because I'm a sucker for nicely made stainless steel things, I got one of these metric fastener gauges -- $7.00

Title: Re: Metric Threads
Post by Digger on 12/06/10 at 20:42:31

I got one of these nut and bolt thread check tools ( (the metric-only version) a few months ago.

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