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Message started by Max_Morley on 03/03/05 at 22:38:14

Post by Max_Morley on 03/03/05 at 22:38:14

According to Odar's dyno chart max torque stock or close to it was reached at 3300 RPM and Max HP at 6500. both dropped off rapidly about 6600. His first dyno run was stock it says, about 40 ft lbs torque 25 HP. with muffler change, air filter change, main jet change if I am figueing out the swedish ok, torque went to 51.5 flt lbs and HP 31.9 about a 20% torque increase and 25% rear wheel HP.  A later data run showed a RAASK straight pipe and some jetting changes about the same data. think the dyno chart form the Super Trapp muffler folks was about the same RPM areas, but slighly lower numbers. You used to be able to see their dyno charts on their web site. Torque rises pretty fast from 1500 to 2200 RPM and then starts a slower rise to max at 3300. Thats a thumper for you. lots of push quick and then it is done, find another gear please.

Post by Tumi on 03/04/05 at 01:19:40

I have the dyno curves which the same person sent me about a year ago. The torque is measured as Newtonmetres and when converted to Lb-ft the maximum torque values were 30.18@3500 as stock, 36.8@4000 with intake and exhaust mods and a little setup time with a/f ratio analyzer. Power peaks were 25.1 and 33.0 hp both around 5000 to 5500 rpm. The graphs rise very steeply at the low end because the measurement is done by opening the throttle at those revs. The stock numbers seem accurate as one magazine published their test bike having 24.6 hp and 30.5 lb-ft.

I'm preparing an article with several pages about Savage from early development stages and marketing to handling improvements and internal modifications beyond the usual intake and exhaust fiddling and maybe some current four stroke tuning theory to back up my tuning suggestions. The article should appear online in April. If someone is interested and would like to browse the story if and when it is ready, you could send me your e-mail so I could contact you back right after putting it online.

Tumi Laamanen

Post by klx650sm2002 on 03/04/05 at 04:03:29

The figures I have for the Savage are:-

24.6 bhp @ 5000
30.5 ft-lbs @ 3700

Clive W  :D

Post by Suzukisavvy on 09/27/13 at 07:46:12

THE MAX HP IS: 31 @5400 RPM
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