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Message started by Button on 01/24/06 at 11:38:40

Title: Fork Lock
Post by Button on 01/24/06 at 11:38:40

has any one ever changed one out? When I obught my bike, the lady had already bought a new fork lock for it since the keys were lost.  Want is the secret to changing it. I do have an owners manual but it doesn't cover this subject.  Thanks for the web site.

Title: Re: Fork Lock
Post by Lou on 01/25/06 at 04:31:17

Recently replaced mine.... I ordered a new key and lockset from my local stealership so I could see how it worked first, I think it was less than $35. and came with everything I needed. 1st. wiggle or pry off the silver lock cover (the rivet has a serrated end to help it grip, came out fairly easily and could have been used again with some locktight) 2nd. I used a 1/4 " drill bit to drill out the soft brass lockset. I drilled right where the key goes in leaving enough room to use a bigger bit if necessary, and not damaging the steel in the frame. That's the only way to remove it without the key. 3rd. using key in new lockset, insert lockset into hole and remove key. 4th. reinstall silver protective cover. The whole thing was a lot easier than I anticipated and only took about 1/2 hour going slowly. It really wasn't a tough job. If I remember correctly, it actually came with 2 keys, lockset, silver cover and rivet.     -    Lou

I doubt you could get a locksmith to even look at it for $35

Title: Re: Fork Lock
Post by Savage_Rob on 01/27/06 at 05:35:31

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