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Message started by Greg_650 on 09/24/05 at 07:06:27

Title: About Tire Changing...
Post by Greg_650 on 09/24/05 at 07:06:27

It isn't that hard to get the tire on/off the rim....if that part of the job is all that you are worried about.  I have changed all 4 of our Savage tires (and dozens more).  The bigger part is jacking the bike up, etc.

1. Get a decent pair of tire tools for $15-20.  Cheap ones will bend.  Don't even think about using a large screw driver.

2. Fill an empty spray bottle with a soapy water solution and use generously on the bead and the rim.

3. Always be sure NOT to pinch the new tube with the tools OR the bead of the tire.

4. Get a little tool to remove the valve stem valve on the tube (speeds things up).  Some valve stem caps work for that...

5. Make sure the spoke end protector strip (whatever you call it) is in good shape around the wheel.

6. Be sure to position the "Dot" on the side of the tire at the valve stem.  It is a manufacturer's balance mark.

7. Be sure to point the rotation arrow on the tire in the right direction (that one's got me before).

8. Once you have one bead of the tire on the rim, install the tube in the tire and rim and put the nut loosely on the stem.  Make sure the valve stem is straight in the hole and not "pulled".  Then start installing the second tire bead at the valve stem area and move around from there.

8. Fill and deflate the tire 3-4 times to make sure the tire is centered on the rim and the tube is centered in the tire.  Fill it, bounce it, deflate it and make sure it looks good.

9. If you are doing the work on concrete, use an old piece of carpet to keep from scratching the rim or brake rotor.

10. Remember....Be patient.  The first tire change is a struggle for anyone.  Be prepared to feel stupid and issue a few cuss words as needed.  But once you do'll be just as good as any "stoner dude"  ;D

I only have photos of a front tire change...

Title: Re: About Tire Changing...
Post by slavy on 11/14/05 at 07:18:15

Couple of pointers
When buying a tire , make sure You are using front tire on the front wheel and rear tire on the back wheel. It is very hard to make a mistake, but let's make sure. Usually the fittment is stamped on the tire.
When mounting the new tire there are 2 things to wach for- the white or yellow dot/should line up with the valve stem/- like mentioned above , and the ARROW should follow the direction of the rotation. Some tires don't have an arrow , so You can install them either way.
 Here is the trickiest part !
When you are taking the old tire off You put Your knee on the side against the valve stem and START WORKING ON THE SIDE OF THE VALVE STEM. After You have the tube in and You are starting to install the second bead of the tire YOU INSTALL IT STARTING AGAINST THE VALVE STEM AND WORK YOUR WAY FROM BOTH SIDES TOWARD THE V. STEM. This way it will be many times easier.
After installed the new tire BEFORE YOU GO FOR A RIDE
make sure You have correct tire pressure in both tires, pump the front brakes and adjust the rear brake, make sure the  brake light works when You push on the brakes / the rear brake  switch is adjustable, the front is not adjustable/

Title: Re: About Tire Changing...
Post by Paladin. on 07/05/08 at 08:35:54

To balance the rear, a section of 1/2" type L copper water pipe makes a fine axle:

Title: Re: About Tire Changing...
Post by justin_o_guy2 on 08/16/08 at 03:12:33

And IF you decide you need a 3rd hand, holding a tire tool down, be aware that pushing it down & slipping it under one side of the vise, it CAN get loose & be flung across the room. When I saw that was a possibility I leaned over to see where it would go (IF it got loose, OHH It wont, but,, ya know?) & I was looking right at the tank for a potential "Landing Zone", so, when I looked back at the tool, tio make sure I was in line, it let go & the end busted me right between the eyes, creating a bit of a plasma leak, so, well,, Think about it.. » Powered by YaBB 2.2!
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