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Message started by Kropatchek on 06/19/05 at 02:42:12

Title: S40 Gel Seat on Savage
Post by Kropatchek on 06/19/05 at 02:42:12

These tip I got from Doug ( from anothere Savage forum) for the installation of a S 40 seat installation on a Savage. I did not try it myself yet so I cannot be sure if correct.

I did have to do some modifications, but they were

The curved part of the seat's shell is more "curvy"
than the stock savage shell (mine is a '96). So I
moved as much of the wiring mess (on the fender and
over the airbox) to the sides as best I could -
otherwise, the shell sits right on them and won't sit
low-enough for the front tang (?) to fit into the
mount at the rear of the tank without the rest of the
seat sitting above the frame/fender. I raised the
front seat mount about an inch higher by placing a
bunch of washers between the frame and the mount.
This also raises the back of the tank the same amount.
You might have heard of doing this modification in
order to raise the front of the stock seat so you
won't "fall" into the tank every time you brake hard.
It's the same mod. You don't really notice the mod
unless you're looking for it. The front of the seat
still touches the rear of the tank.

Anyway, back to the S40 gel seat - doing this mod will
allow the front half of the seat to sit at the correct
angle so that the rear half will sit flat on the
fender as intended. If you didn't alreay know, this
is a one-piece seat we're talking about. Finally,
since it's a one-piece seat, the rear portion doesn't
hook onto the metal post on the fender. There is
still room under the shell for all the electronics and
the metal post, but the seat instead has a shiny
chromed metal tab coming out the rear of the seat -
you must drill a hole in your fender (scary!) and then
bolt the rear of the seat to the fender (use a washer
between the tab and the fender and use a small rubber
washer of some sort on the underside to prevent water
from coming up through the hole). Find a bolt
short-enough so it won't stick down beyond the nut and
catch the tire.

Hope this helps.



Title: Re: S40 Gel Seat on Savage
Post by Greg_650 on 06/19/05 at 09:27:00

AND in that particular area, be careful not to drill through any wires under the fender.

Title: Re: S40 Gel Seat on Savage
Post by Savage_Rob on 08/31/05 at 11:59:18


Bumping the metal loop on the rear fender so that it lays back more will allow you to flex the seat and slide the metal tab under it.  This makes installations drill-free.

A simpler method is simply to remove the metal tab from the S40 seat » Powered by YaBB 2.2!
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