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Message started by Greg_650 on 11/04/04 at 04:49:21

Title: Oil Change time
Post by Greg_650 on 11/04/04 at 04:49:21

Here is a Savage oil change...

Really! †Leave this oil pan for the car. †One of those long flat cake pans at the grocery store is cheaper and fits better, as long as it holds 2 quarts.

I also like to lift the bike off the side stand when draining, to get the old oil in the alternator cover too.

The oil can look bad, but the filter is still good to use. †I change them with every other oil change.

Check this o-ring for pinches or cracks. †If it's okay, use it again.

Don't forget the spring inside the cover.

Use a clean funnel. †I keep mine wrapped in an old rag to keep out bugs and dirt.

With practice you can learn to hold the bike vertical with one hand while checking the oil level.

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by vroom1776 on 10/03/05 at 13:45:36

What about the little O-ring, as shown in this parts fiche from bike banditdotcom, part # 10?    Is it reuseable?   (yes)

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by Phelonius on 10/26/07 at 12:35:29

While you are  down there getting intimate with your bike, look under the belly for a black rubber puke tube with a plug in the end of it. It comes down from your airbox just behind the engine block.
Put a small pan or rag under it and remove the plug.
There will probably be some oil and water mix dribbling out of it. Let it drain, then replace the plug.
This puke tube gathers oil condensation and water condensation that forms in the air box from the engine breather. If not drained for too long a time, it can accumulate enough to go into the carb intake after gumming up the air filter.
'Taint good to ignore it. You are down there anyway and it costs nothing to drain it so just do it.
Your bike will appreciate the extra effort.


Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by EssForty on 10/19/08 at 05:46:38

Here is a close-up view of the oil drain plug location that may help first-timers. †This view is taken from under the front of the bike looking backwards. The kickstand would be to the right of this picture.

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by verslagen1 on 04/23/09 at 23:28:04

ok newbs, pay close attention here...

Take a good look on how the filter sits in the pocket. †Notice there's little hole in the middle of the filter that you can stick your finger in. †Put it in backwards and this can happen to you!

Photo curtesy of BurnPgh

You got the filter in backwards.
The hole in the filter goes on the spud in the filter cavity (with a o-ring inbetween)
Then the spring which is on a spud on the cover.
You should be able to press the cover in place with your thumb while screwing it down.  If you can't push it up against the clutch cover, somethings wrong.

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by Digger on 07/02/09 at 21:21:16

I had my bike †(see my signature) on the lift and was able to get a good shot of the oil drain plug:

IHTH someone!

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by cvsdave on 10/16/16 at 21:38:06

Could someone add torque values for the drainplug and filter cover screws to this page?

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by verslagen1 on 10/16/16 at 22:06:17

ITEM       † † † † N-m      |      ft-lb
Oil      12.0      18.0      |      8.8      13.3
drain plug
Oil       † †6.0      8.0      |      4.4      5.9
filter cap nut & oil sump filter cap bolt

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by Serowbot on 08/20/21 at 11:13:55

How To Change Oil - Suzuki Boulevard S40 / Savage

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by ThumperPaul on 09/07/22 at 04:36:54

Good instructions and video. The video shows it, but to emphasize - the spring Ďholdingí the oil filter goes in between the filter and the external side cover.  I just changed the filter on a project bike I bought and the previous person had put the spring in between the filter and the engine side.

Iím wondering what the impact of that will be.  The bike isnít running - so this really makes me wonder if there is some kind of serious internal engine damage.

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by rovingeyes on 02/05/23 at 19:55:03

Do you always use an OEM filter? I see that K&M have a filter that fits to but don't have any experience with them.

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by ThumperPaul on 02/06/23 at 05:31:19

K&N (kn137) costs about $12. †OEM costs about $7. Hiflofiltro (hf137) costs about $4. †K&N claims to be the god of air/oil filtration. †I personally think you are paying for the name. †They all catch little crap and they all allow oil to pass thru them. †The Hiflo seems on par with the OEM for a few bucks less. †Trying to be fair to K&N, the filter casing seems to be a bit more rigid/solid, but I donít think itís worth the extra money. †I change oil about every 1000 miles (frequently) and change the filter every other oil change. †I am also now a believer in Shell Rotella T4 (conventional oil, dyno juice) - 15w-40w. †Itís cheap, safe for motorcycles with wet clutch, and it has the zinc additive which our little thumpers seem to like. †My clutch performance noticeably improved when I switched from a motorcycle-specific Valvoline synthetic to good ole Rotella T4 for less than half the price.

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by rovingeyes on 02/07/23 at 07:26:35

ThumperPaul, thanks for the info.  This is the first motorcycle I've owned and would never have known about using Shell Rotella T4.  There are a lot of opinions out there on the net regarding T4 and they seem to be favorable. I'll also stick to using the OEM filter.  

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by LANCER on 02/07/23 at 08:06:06

If needed due to Rotella T4 not being available, Valvolineís oil for diesel trucks also has ZZDP and cost is similar to Rotella.

Title: Re: Oil Change time
Post by ThumperPaul on 02/07/23 at 13:32:17

Hey Lancer.  Glad you chimed in!  Wanna start an oil war again?  Lol.  You know Iím a Valvoline guy, but I drank the dyno juice and Iím hooked!  I like that the Rotella has MA/MA2 in the specs.  Valvoline would probably pass the mustard too, but they just didnít spend the bucks getting the certification.  Here go the oil wars again!  Lol. » Powered by YaBB 2.2!
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